The Top 15 football players who played running back for The University of Georgia. Why Top 15 ? Because you can not leave ANY of these 15 out that’s why Kyle Funderburk.

1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  • 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  • 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  • 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  • 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  • 1,547  Nick Chubb, 2014
  • 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  • 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  • 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  • 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  • 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  • 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  • 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  • 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  • 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  • 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  • 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  • 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987
  • Charley Trippi
  • Terrell Davis


Charley Trippi batted .464 for The Diamond Dogs

Charley Trippi coached our baseball team after World War II

Charley Tippi was professional baseball player playing for the Atlanta Crackers

Charley Trippi’s all-time professional baseball player batting average is .334

Charley Trippi 1946 and Herschel Walker 1982 BOTH Won the Maxwell Award

18 former Georgia Bulldogs are in the College Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi Herschel Walker

Georgia has 4 who were # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Georgia has 4 who were MVP of the NFL Championship Game Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Charley Trippi threw for 1 TD and returned punt for another in NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl)

Charley Trippi won 2 National Championships for Georgia in football Herschel Walker 1

Charley Trippi won National Championship football for us 1942 and after war came back won again 1946

3 Pro Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Both Jerseys are retired numbers 34 and 62

Charley Trippi’s over 2,500 yards passing in the NFL, over 3,500 yards rushing and over 1,300 yards receiving marks the only Pro Football Hall of Fame member to have achieved these numbers in all 3.

Charley Trippi is the player who won the MVP of the Rose Bowl, just as he won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game (preceded the Super Bowl but is the same exact game and distinction.)

The NFL after 1 year on the Atlanta Crackers paid Charley Trippi $ 100,000 plus a $ 25,000 bonus to play with them instead and he did instantly being NFL Championship Game MVP and NFL Champion, after being selected # 1 over-all in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft 1945.

Charley Trippi also served on the coaching staff of the NFL Cardinals after his playing days.

Charley Trippi returned punts, kick-off returns, actually the punter as well, catch passes, throw passes, run, intercept passes and excel at all phases of the game.

Charley Trippi was such a great football player that he played both ways, serving as defensive back.  In fact, when you look up his records, many list him at defensive back.

Charley Trippi played for us in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl.

Herschel Walker is the only Georgia Bulldog to ever win the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award.

Herschel Walker and Charley Trippi were both Walter Camp All-America.

Herschel Walker won the Heisman Trophy Award. Charley Trippi did not.

Charley Trippi never settled for 2nd best at anything, ever.  Who is a real hero ?

“Greatest UGA Player of All-Time”

If you meant college football only you did not say that either.

“Greatest UGA Player of All-Time”  Charley Trippi.

( )

After careful consideration to the category you describe, Charley Trippi.



Terrell Davis is one of ONLY 3 former players for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Super Bowl MVP

Two-time Super Bowl Winner

Three-time 1st Team All-Pro

Two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Most Rushing Yards in the NFL 1998 Season

Two-time NFL Most Rushing Touchdowns in a season

44 years old Terrell Davis was the back-up to Garrison Hearst here at UGA and rushed for 1919 yards in college with 16 rushing TD and another 5 TD receiving with 621 receiving yards in college.

His college gave-up football and he chose to come to The University of Ground Attack UGA playing here his last 3 years of college.

And then got drafted by Denver and was STELLAR.  Terrell Davis was the Best in the business.

Congratulations to Terrell Davis Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Canton Ohio Terrell Davis !


The ONLY college to have 4 different players Win the MVP of the NFL’s Championship Game Hines Ward, Terrell Davis, Charley Trippi and Jake Scott the ONLY indeed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are quite the story in the NFL and this latest recruiting class we just signed 2017 will be the Greatest of them All.

I watched Terrell Davis from our seasons’ tickets so I was rooting for Terrell Davis.





Georgia Softball 16-3 record on the season wins double-header tonight and no head coach Lu Harris-Champer was NOT hired by Greg McGarity either. This while Greg McGarity has hired eight (8) and fired seven (7) head coaches yet NONE of them have out-performed their predecessors. We have 10 hitters batting over .300 while our 3 Starter Pitchers are all ERA of 1.35 to 1.39 to 1.94. Yet we have 3 primary fielders who have committed 6 and 7 and 7 errors each in 19 games all well UNDER .900 fielding percentage all 3 on the error-filled infield who cannot catch routine ground balls.

Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs are # 17 in the USA Today ESPN Poll and # 16 in the Coaches’ Poll.


And no Greg McGarity did not hire us this coach either.


His coaches have flopped all of them.