Isaiah McKenzie will not be drafted and never plays a game in the NFL. 4.42 in 40-yard dash not going to get it done for Isaiah McKenzie who dropped-out of school because he HAD BAD GRADES as there are MANY who DECLARE for the NFL Draft who haven’t done diddle-e-squat in school except to RUN THEIR MOUTHS like Isaiah McKenzie. You can see the comments to THIS BLOG for the off-field incidents REPORTED HERE by READERS of this blog who WROTE ABOUT IT ONLINE here on THIS BLOG. As for the BULLSHIT 5-foot-7 and 173 pounds ” — at times the only reliable pass catcher for then-freshman quarterback Jacob Eason — ” all I can say is that he set the RECORD for FUMBLES at Georgia – that and DROPS. He was AWFUL. He lost us the Vandie game by himself. I am sorry John Crist Saturday Down South but it MAKES PERFECTLY good sense that Isaiah McKenzie is a college drop-out. COMPLETE RESULTS HERE : 11 bench press reps and 36 ” vertical leap with his 4.42 in 40-yard dash disappointing who tries catch NOT USING HIS HANDS.

11 bench press reps only

36 inch vertical leap

123 broad jump

4.42 in 40-yard dash

4.15 in 20-yard shuttle



“— at times the only reliable pass catcher for then-freshman quarterback Jacob Eason — ”


Pure unadulterated bullshit John Crist Saturday Down South.


At 5 feet 7 inches of 173 lbs. with small 8 inches and seven-eights hands with only 28 and seven-eights arms his lack of ability to use his hands like good players do to catch a football he has NO FUTURE.  Sorry.


11 bench press results and disappointing 4.42 in the 40-yard dash proves that Isaiah McKenzie did NOT prepare well for the NFL Combines he should have been THANKFUL to have been invited to.


The folks good at catching a football use their hands.  Isaiah McKenzie uses ANYTHING BUT his hands to catch the ball.  He does not watch the ball into his hands has bad eyesight or poor hand-eye coordination.  I would know.  Trust me.


He led the team in fumbles and drops in his time here got suspended should have been kicked-out of school here for his treatment of ladies at a restaurant – according to eye witness accounts – has no respect for ladies never got a single good grade in classes while he was here and had NO CHOICE but to declare because he probably was going to be not eligible academically anyway.


So he declared.


He did NOT even WANT to TRY to go to classes anymore.  This is what he WANTED – to NOT have to go to classes any more where he was NO DAMN GOOD.


Why should he look at where he is ranked John Crist Jesus Christ ?


It did NOT matter to him since he didn’t want to go to class.





“I didn’t see the pre-draft evaluation from the league of me or anything like that so I don’t even know my pre-draft evaluation from the league.”


He put us in bad field position all the time John Crist for YEARS who with his small hands does not catch the ball with his hands – anything BUT.


But hey you paint the picture of him as a dumbass so at least you got that part right John Crist Saturday Down South .com.


As for his public embarrassment of The University of Georgia before he was suspended well I did not have to report that on this blog as this blog’s readers wrote it all for you HERE of his treatment of ladies in public in comments on this blog.


The NFL has NO CHOICE but to strike such a personality.


Who cares that he didn’t have good grades EITHER ?


He needs to go back to school while it is being paid for him unfortunately he might not have the grades to do so here so he needs to transfer to a school where he can get in.


And fit in.


Human Joystick.


Do you see anything about GREAT HANDS in that moniker ?




He runs well down the field – unfortunately he leaves the football BEHIND.


I am NOT going to miss him.


Sorry to burst his and your bubble on him.


Any NFL Scout would point out ALL these flaws.




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