That’s good Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation and our BEST beat writer for some time now. But it’s not my line-up at receiver sir.

I call for the same as you mentioned :


Mecole Harman Jr. is OUR BEST RECEIVER after Isaac Nauta.  He isn’t playing on defense anyway at cornerback and only had 1 touch of the football the entire 2016 season.  Kirby has to FIX THIS.  You don’t sign the # 1 athlete in the nation and give him one touch all year – NOT AGAIN.


Not and keep your job as head coach UGA with this dearth of wide receivers.  Kirby FAILED to figure-out who his pitch and catch combo was last Spring and didn’t figure it out all FALL CAMP either but then again EVERYONE gave Kirby a THROW-AWAY year so he took it.


A honeymoon.


If you can’t find someone to throw to in 2016 or 2017 for that matter either that is ON THE HEAD COACH of a FBS School – especially Georgia with all this talent to choose from.


So Receiver Depth Chart in order :


  1. Isaac Nauta  TE Buford Georgia Consensus Freshman All-America – unclog TE move him outside he’s our most accomplished receiver by FAR.  I would throw to Isaac Nauta every down this year 2017 and next year when he is a 1st Round Draft Pick after next season.
  2. Mecole Hardman Jr. – Soph- wasted his freshman year when Kirby wanted to redshirt the # 1 athlete in the nation.  That’s BULLSHIT Kirby.
  3. Jeremiah Holloman- F
  4. Javon Wims – Senior
  5. DeAngelo Gibbs – F- you left him out all together Seth
  6. Terry Godwin – Junior – Seth you didn’t say he has been Tentative here since he got here but he is.  He fixes that and he would be WAY up on this Depth Chart – that’s up to Terry Godwin.
  7. Riley Ridley
  8. Mark Webb Jr. – we’ve GOT to plug HOLES with our TOP players youth or NOT Seth.
  9. Trey Blount III
  10. Dominick Sanders Senior – he should have been targeted on OFFENSE last year and wasn’t
  11. Michael Chigbu Junior 2017 WR
  12. Matthew Landers
  13. Jayson Stanley Junior 2017  Creekside WR 6′ 2″ 207 lbs.
  14. Elijah Holyfield 5′ 11″ 215 lbs. RB – if not going to play him more at RB then fill holes with top stars and throw to him in space
  15. Tyler Simmons 6′ 206 lbs. McEachern WR
  16. Charlie Woerner  6′ 5″ 251 lbs. Rabun County Starter 2016 TE – for heaven’s sake all these TE and no WR and no one can THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX except for me ?  Wake-up
  17. Shakenneth Williams Senior 2017 6′ 1″ 208 lbs. WR 2 games 2016 including 1 start Macon


My theory on Depth Charts is one think outside the box and move your STARS to fill holes and two if the guy already here isn’t getting the job done let someone else try.


This is our biggest hole.  We better get with it and find our pitch and catch combo NOW.


We don’t have one.