Compare us to someone else ? Anyone else but Alabama ? What is the strength of our program ? And NOW Greg McGarity says : “The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is almost as good as a Xerox just don’t compare us to a Xerox directly but just to their lowly brethren. Don’t directly compare Georgia to an in fact Xerox which would just be an unfair comparison for us. Leave THAT to ANYONE else but lowly us. We’re just as good as most anyone else except for a real McCoy Xerox” Greg McGarity whines today to the press. He’s always whining to the press about something : Today it’s that Georgia can’t compare to Alabama.

“Compare us to someone else.  Everyone compares itself to Alabama. Compare us to Tennessee.  Compare us to LSU. So I think what happens is so many people refer to one place : Alabama.  There are 12 other schools other than Georgia and Alabama in the league. Let’s compare ourselves to any of the 12 others. Some of the others besides Georgia and Alabama don’t have what we have.  Some of the others besides Georgia and Alabama are better than us too.  But don’t let’s compare ourselves to Alabama.”  Greg McGarity


And why is that Greg McGarity ?


Why is it that The Mighty University of Georgia can not compare ourselves to Alabama ?


Is there something inherently better about the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa ?


Yes they have an AD who thinks that Alabama is better than we are.


And we have an AD who thinks that The University of Georgia and Athens should NOT EVEN TRY to compare ourselves to Alabama.


The biggest concern this football program at Georgia has is Athletics’ Director Greg McGarity.  His record is BAD.  It’s bad for his tenure in football.  It’s bad for his tenure in all sports.  It’s particularly bad in the record by the coaches he’s hired.  Now it seems NOTHING he does is RIGHT with ANYONE.  Everything he says is criticized.  He only an erstwhile tennis player and former girls’ tennis coach one year who was hand-picked by Mike Adam$ to replace Damon Evans whom Mike Adam$ ALSO hired.  Both have been TOTAL abominations.  The state of our facilities is inexcusable and him sitting on so much cash to work on these issues.  And BRAGGING how he only just has begun to scratch the surface on getting MORE DONATIONS from us.  Don’t dare compare us to Alabama.  Has Greg McGarity done ANYTHING that remotely is considered RIGHT ?  Well has he ?


Now this.

  1. No New Gym with cash to buy one while rest buy on time with SEC revenue stream ASSURED
  2. Stinky piss-smelling bathrooms no money to fix with $ 72 million in cash
  3. Tail-gating restrictions everyone hates
  4. Parking problem all our venues
  5. Getting to and from the venues a total nightmare
  6. No Traffic control
  7. Bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year
  8. Watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street
  9. RIP-OFF for foods at all venues
  10. BAD SERVICE at all the venues
  12. Donating monies millions upon millions EVERY YEAR specifically targeted by ME for Athletics’ Department instead donated by the Athletic Department to The University of Georgia instead whose annual budget finds these millions but a DROP in the damn bucket of their annual one and half billion dollar budget when these funds so DESIGNATED by ME were INTENDED by ME to FIX this SHIT of our venues and the lousy state of our venues and of our sports’ teams also ALL in a LOUSY state of DISREPAIR as well.
  13. Do not compare Georgia to Alabama – that’s not the right comparison to do.


This clown puppet has got to go.


One of the biggest problems our program has is that we have a puppet AD installed by Mike Adam$ who was a girls’ tennis coach for a year and a poor tennis player himself whose only concern is cash on hand not investing it to make us better like EVERYONE else does as their AD thus they with less cash build new gym they with less cash add to their seating so they go past us in attendance they with less cash have better fan experiences they with less cash have better sports’ programs than we.


And we have a fan base who dares not be Alabama.  Our fans SETTLE for less than acceptable.  We do NOT have Alabama’s EXPECTATIONS.  And it starts at the TOP.  Greg McGarity.


Don’t compare us to Alabama ?

Alabama does NOT have our resources.

Forget they don’t have our talent that their state pales in comparison to our own.  Forget that an AD is supposed to be a salesman.  We can settle for 2nd best.


Don’t compare us to Alabama.  That’s unfair.


Really ?


I tend to believe that the Strength of our Program is that we DARE to compare ourselves to EVERYONE.  That we have EXPECTATIONS that we CAN COMPETE with ANYONE.


Alabama included.


We don’t have to strive to be the best.  We can strive to compare ourselves to anyone other than those who are the very best.  Let’s compare ourselves to less than the best.  Then we look pretty good.


It’s almost as good as a Xerox.  Compare us to not them but everyone else.  The competitors of Xerox would never have sold anyone on their product had they taken this defeatist attitude of Greg McGarity.  Why not just give Florida their due too ?  Compare us to anyone in The SEC except for Alabama and Florida.  And LSU.  And vols.  And Clemson.  And FSU.  And Southern California.  And Michigan.  And Ohio State.  We’re not in their league.  Compare us to just the rest.


That is not a good comparison of Georgia compared to Alabama.


“Expect LESS than Alabama fans expect of their program and IN FACT refuse to allow a comparison of us to Alabama.”