From January 12 it took Kirby Smart until September 5 a grand total of 33 weeks to determine Jacob Eason is better than Greyson Lambert. Then with NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit Kirby made Jacob Eason his STARTER ANYWAY. Who this year 2017 Kirby will you be unable to determine are our STARS for 33 weeks PERSONA NON GRATA person not wanted of 16 ESPN Top 200 recruits overall 2017 Kirby signed and give THEM no snaps with the # 1 unit because these STARS dared to be FRESHMEN ? Then throw them to wolves ANYWAY ?

It takes time for the # 1 unit to learn a player.  And it takes a new player time to learn the # 1 unit.  You can’t make him the STARTER and NEVER let him get used to the # 1 unit.


We were a young team last season.  We were DESTINED to play the freshmen.  Instead we held them back and Kirby COMPLAINED to the press every press meeting about the freshmen.  Kirby said the freshmen were NO GOOD to the press.


This resonates with the TEAM.


And the freshmen.


Now 2017 Kirby is the nearly unanimous choice to WIN The SEC East.  It could be 100 percent of EVERYONE who says this.


If we were a young team last year AND WE WERE then these 16 ESPN Top 200 Kirby just signed in the 2017 class need reps with the # 1 unit.


If they are HERE Spring Practice one week from Tuesday they MUST get reps with the # 1 unit.  Send the message ESPECIALLY on Offense and SPECIAL TEAMS that what went-on LAST YEAR 2016 is UNACCEPTABLE on Offense and on Special Teams.


GET OUR STARS out there on the field Kirby Tuesday March 21 Spring Practice Georgia Bulldogs UGA.


And when the rest of the signing class shows up this FALL CAMP do the SAME Kirby with your STAR PLAYERS.


You must be QUICKER Kirby in determining whom it is YOU SIGNED who are the stars of your team Kirby.


PERSONA NON GRATA person not wanted – do NOT pull this with THIS FRESHMEN CLASS 2017 Kirby.


Play OUR STARS Kirby.


Practice them with the # 1 unit.





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