Should Jacob Eason be under-center ?

There is no question that we forced the wrong offense on the personnel we had last season and none more so than Jacob Eason being up under the Center.  I realize that Kirby’s expertise is in recruiting and on defense but even Kirby should see that his offense was a failed offense he could easily thwart last season by stuffing the box.  It is an out-of-date offensive strategy for collegiate football and frankly for the NFL as well.  I fear we see few of these great OL we have been stockpiling last season and this season now in recruiting and not playing them when the other guys here before these latest 2 big classes of top huge offensive linemen aren’t getting the job done.


Yet here we are with 5 of the top running backs in the nation.


We should be putting 2 of them on the field every down.  We should be in the pistol or gun.  We should spread them out.


It didn’t work last season at all.


Lining-up those tired small offensive linemen who haven’t been getting the job done and running nearly every first down all season again is going to be met with boos from the crowd.


Then we are forced to throw on 3rd down.  This is playing into every defensive strategy asking us to do just that.  It’s not working.  This is a failed offensive strategy and with the wrong personnel.


I would not line-up a fullback but keep 2 fresh of the 5 running backs out there on every down.


2 of the 5 are gone after this season.


Frankly I think I would move Sony Michel out wide every play.


And I would move Isaac Nauta out wide every play.  We have other guys who can play tight end well.  We have other guys who can running back well. What we don’t have are receivers.


I would put Jeremiah Holloman out there every down too.


We need to learn to get our top players on the field instead of these logjams at one position not working them enough.  We are not taking advantage of whom it is we have in personnel on Offense.


We stood pat on Offense not only all wasted throw-away season last year but all off-season now too.


Spring ball starts in 5 days.


Are we going to do any soul-searching about offense or continue to stand pat until we prove that Kirby would know how to defend this offense of HIS too.


It’s Kirby’s offense.


It’s Kirby who wants this run on first down every time strategy.


It’s Kirby who can not figure out to throw the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


It’s Kirby who keeps sending out these waves of receivers who drop the ball and are tentative.


It’s Kirby who decides who plays and who does not.


It’s Kirby who gives us these logjams of top players at 3 positions and holes at other positions.


It’s Kirby who has not put our top players out there playing together forget their position.


It’s Kirby who decides who plays special teams and who doesn’t.


It’s Kirby who hired Jim Chaney.


It’s Kirby who kept Jim Chaney.


It’s Kirby’s Offense.


It’s Kirby without the vision on offense.


You do not have what we have for talent on offense and line-up like we did all last season.  We better be CHANGING that 5 days from now.





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