Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation does not like Spring Practice but I do.

It is supposed to be all about watching all our players trying to get prepared for the season.  So many players have a chance to move-up in the pecking order.  Starting jobs are on the line.


For the in-coming early enrollees it is supposed to be a time for their EVALUATION.  In 2017 if you are not playing your freshmen you are behind the 8 ball and will not compete.  Even Alabama plays their freshmen in 2017 even at QB even at Starting QB.  We did too last season for example.


Even for freshmen from the previous year Spring Practice is a time for them to be evaluated again now to see if they should be moved-up on the charts and take-over for the 15 seniors we just lost from last year’s team.


The players are supposed to show-up in form.  This is an opportunity for the coaching staff to see the results of their strength and conditioning programs and to have a more robust group across the board where they get to fit-in with their teammates and earn playing time based upon their hard work readying themselves for the up-coming season.


While there is a sense of excitement about the new recruiting class coming-in Fall Camp they too want to get a feel for where they might actually fit-in when they show-up and how tough their competition is at their position.


All the players need to practice with each other.  Collegiate football is where a player leaves after 5 years 6 if he was injured and didn’t get to play almost a whole year even 7 years possible but either way players have to leave every year.


We say we return intact 2017 but even we lost 15 seniors at Pro Day 2017 just now.


Spring time.


Flowers blooms greenery warm weather spring break ladies love outside football.  This is the most exciting time.


If you don’t find it so I can not possibly help you Cy Brown.


Wake up.


Smell the roses.


Rejuvenation of the football program every Spring means that we no longer can stew about 2016.  Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  But today is cold hard cash.


Last year is over.  It does no good to not look forward to the new year.  Maybe the coaches will season from a year of experience or maybe it’s just year one all over again.  Two first years instead of a progression of learning ?  Even that is good for you know heads have to then roll.


Maybe the team has players overlooked who could have done better than the 15 now gone who took their time on seniority not because they are better football players.


The youth is served-up piping hot and they get a head start over the in-coming class not on campus yet officially.


Spring starts Monday and Spring Practice Tuesday.


We have hot days and wet days and might even have another cold day we can do inside and that is exciting on the new Indoor Practice Field I think should be named for Erk Russell.


We have the recruits to fill holes such as at wide receiver to look for for next year’s recruiting to get a head start on now before others get a foothold against us getting the WR corps we want next year for all these fantastic quarterbacks no one wants to block for or catch passes from.


For the upper classmen it is a time to reflect on their off-season work-outs and see where they are finally for the new season.  Are they standing still not getting the job done at the highest level ?  Can we challenge them with fresh bodies who are supremely putting forth the effort ?


Every team has a top 50 players.  Will our top 50 for 2017 include some of the in-coming this Fall ?  How many of them will be top 50 for 2017 ?  Surely after recruiting them for 2 years’ time now and them finally getting here this up-coming Fall we have a feel for whether they might challenge for a spot right-off in the Fall or not.  Plug a few in the top 50 and when they get here re-evaluate whether you are right or not on them and move them up or down in Fall based upon also what you see from the others here already this Spring.


The team for 2017 is meeting for the first time Tuesday.


That is HUGE.


The nucleus of the team will establish their work habits and hopefully they will be if you are not excited Cy Brown about their prospects as a team 2017.


2016 was certainly no fun.


Get excited about 2017.


It can’t be any worse.


Get with the program.


Get ready to being on TV.


A little over a month from now 93000 are expected again to watch us play to see the depth to see the youth to see our team for the first time and see how they respond to their teammates.


Every year some player plays outside himself.


Who this season ?


Who Tuesday shows-up and establishes himself as a leader and top player for Georgia 2017 playing way above their head and having the right attitude about the newness of 2017 and fresh start ?


Or are they ho-hum drudgery of 2-a-days no fun drag bore don’t care hate the work see no future see no present in all the excitement of 2017 and its promise compared to the past while boredom only is all they too see as you if it up to you and some old man at CBS Mr.  Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation ?


For those dogged by shortcomings and nagging injuries too reinvigorated for the new season are they realizing they only get 1 go-round and THIS is it ?


This paradise.


Are we revived after the off-season with no practice and you wish still was I guess.


Do we see this as an opportunity to fulfill promise and take your shot at this – your real shot.


Your only shot.


In your only chance.


Or are you going to waste life and waste the most refreshing of all our hope goals and aspirations – the Spring ?


I just do not see it as you do Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation at all sir.




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