THIS BLOG REPORTED ALL THIS “NEWS” 12 DAYS AGO ON MARCH 5. I reported then 5 March 2017 here on this blog : Isaiah McKenzie who dropped-out of school because he HAD BAD GRADES as there are MANY who DECLARE for the NFL Draft who haven’t done diddle-e-squat in school and had NO CHOICE but to declare because he was going to be not eligible academically anyway. I am sorry John Crist Saturday Down South but it MAKES PERFECTLY good sense that Isaiah McKenzie is a college drop-out. He HAD to DECLARE. Who cares that he didn’t have good grades EITHER ? He needs to go back to school while it is being paid for him unfortunately he without the grades to do so here so he needs to transfer to a school where he can get in.


“I would’ve had to appeal the situation that happened in school.   It would’ve taken me out for the spring. I just said I’m not going to sit out and miss the spring – so I’ll just leave. I tell them and whatever they think is what they think. That’s what they told me coming out: ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ So I tell them anything they need to know about me.”


So Chipper Towers finally now reports 12 days after I did so here on this blog that Isaiah McKenzie flunked-out at Georgia and is a college drop-out and that that is why he declared for the NFL Draft not caring to even look at the pre-draft NFL evaluation of him.


This is all a shame that there is no one who could tell Isaiah McKenzie to take advantage of this situation of being given a Scholarship to The University of Georgia to get an education which with retirement income is worth $ 5 million dollars.





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