My 3 older sisters were married and gone before I was 5 when these 2 hits hit # 1. They took me everywhere. Sock hops. Pools. I as excited as they when they went out on dates telling me about the guys and then home how they wanted me to grow-up better than their dates. I remember dancing at their parties every weekend. Dad got them a Hi-Fi to play the 45 rpms. They danced together all day every day. It was exciting times. I remember all everything age 3 on. If you couldn’t love this music you couldn’t love your mother. Dad had season tickets Bulldogs and we watched Fran Tarkenton fill the air with footballs. This 50th anniversary all this I am reminded. Ed Sullivan Show had 1 live act each week. Dick Clark American Bandstand. Ed Thilenius Bulldogs. The radio was big. Then TV got color I recall neighbors came over to watch even outside the window.

I know you would enjoy these 2 from 50 years ago :






Can you picture all this ?


When the Beatles came to Fulton-Atlanta Stadium 1963 I was there with the youngest of my 3 older sisters listening to the girls all screaming.  For 4 hours.


It all started with Chuck Berry the heart and soul of all of this.


The Bulldogs were great then as we embark upon Spring Practice tomorrow.  I watched us win 4 national championships in football and regularly beat the top teams.  We had great head coaches.  And we had great assistant coaches.  We had great talent.


Music and The Bulldogs go hand-in-hand with me.  I was there.


50 years later now I had no idea then that daily new songs would fill the airwaves then that we’d ALL still be dancing and singing to.


Good times.


We all graduated from The University of Georgia with our degree.  We all had straight A grades.  We all love music.  We all love football.  Dad bought a van and had it all decked-out custom made with Georgia Bulldogs disc player underneath blaring when we pressed the special horn.  Graphics.  Sound system.  Color TV.  Kitchen.  Seats for all 7 of us and more.


I am the eldest son.  Dad was valedictorian.  Mom a graduate.  All of us.  One of my 3 sisters was valedictorian too.  I was just top 5% my graduating class and honored 3rd quarter my senior year Foy Fine Arts for them all to come back up and celebrate.


I grew-up with music in my ears and Bulldogs in my head.


In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.  This is love.




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