John Kincade of Buck Belue and John Kincade 680 AM the Fan Show said on radio today that Jake Fromm is a Georgia boy and Jacob Eason is NOT. Kincade went on that “the fans want Jake Fromm.”

Look Kincade first Jacob Eason is as much a Georgia boy as anyone ever in the history of histories.  He came here he told us all because he loves the Georgia fans.  He came here despite Mark Richt being fired.  He is an Academic All-America and already has made The SEC Academic Honor Roll for last year Kincade.  The vast majority of the population in this city are ALL folks who came from somewhere else.  We embrace everyone from everywhere here once they get here.


Second Kincade Jake Fromm is NOT the Quarterback of this team.  I have watched him grow-up and have seen him throw 2 dozen strikes in a row but he is not first team.  He has this year and next year with Jacob Eason.  Then after next year Jacob Eason goes to the NFL as a top NFL Draft Pick.


You getting any of this Kincade ?


Just because Buck Belue is out golfing on a day when it was 84 degrees here is not a license for you to spew bullshit without him to counter.


I am sure Buck Belue will dispel your notions Kincade on us as fans not supporting Jacob Eason and how we all prefer Jake Fromm instead because well he is from here.


Where are you from John Kincade ?




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