We are NOT an Enigma and we are NOT Schizophrenic. We are consistent as hell. We RECRUIT extremely well and have for 9 years. We LOST 34 games the last 8 years yet average the # 7 recruiting rankings. That’s MORE than 4 losses a year. We’re poorly coached. Obviously. We make mistakes COACHING and have for 8 years.

An enigma is a team who is a mystery.  It is no mystery when after 8 years now we’re consistently one of the top teams in recruiting rankings.  It is quite consistent.  It is expected.  It is what we do.  It is consistent.


We just as consistently lose for 8 years now more than 4 games a season.  That is no mystery either.  It is consistency on our part.  It is what is expected of us.  It is after all what we do.


Last year when we had a new coach have to come-in to bail the old coach out because the old coach had just lost it coaching any more everyone tried on that well Mark Richt was just schizophrenic winning some games while losing to other lesser teams whom he should never have lost to.  But that wasn’t the case either.  Because Mark Richt had become quite consistent at losing to 12 teams who were unranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons or at time of game his last 8 years here.


It is what we continue to do.


You can not be schizophrenic or an enigma doing what you always do being consistent while doing the expected.


Just call it like it is with us.


Call it like it is.


We have not used the talent we have and we CONTINUE to do just that.


Therefore for 8 years now we average over 4 losses a year with the average # 7 recruiting ranking while we continue to just blow games consistently against lesser teams.


We’re poorly coached and have been for 8 years now.


Will 2017 be different ?


If so THAT would be schizophrenic and make us then an enigma 2017.




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