I will be glad when Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation quits his part-time job writing about us. Now we SHOULD NOT have Spring Practice because someone might get hurt. We’ve NEVER had someone injured in Spring Practice who missed the season as a result. And Chipper Towers LISTS NOT ONE NAME of anyone who he thinks did either. But oh boy. We could get someone injured JUST DOING MEANINGLESS SPRING PRACTICES. This even though Kirby told the twit : “Is Spring Practice going to get them better ?” Kirby asks Chipper Towers and Chipper Towers tells us that Kirby said : “To his point Smart thinks it does.”

So if Kirby thinks Spring Practices DOES get ALL the players better – then where is this story Chip ?


A fill piece from a guy who hasn’t written about The Georgia Bulldogs at ALL in a long time now.


What do you do with all your time Chipper ?


It sure as shit is NOT writing about us.


Spring Practice is VERY IMPORTANT for ALL of our players.


Try to report on what they are ALL doing Chipper.


This is football.


You’re just one of those pussies who NEVER played the game and don’t understand it.


Give up writing about it.




You did.


I remember.


You quit writing about us 4 years ago when you said then that going to the Masters was MORE IMPORTANT to YOU than covering our G-Day Game that day.


Thus you didn’t write a word about the G-Day Game Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.


You’re been replaced by Seth Emerson – the best beat writer The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had.


You gave up your job as our beat writer to Seth Emerson MANY years ago now Chipper.


Just leave already.


All you do is LIE anyway Chipper.




Why hold Spring Practice ?


Chipper says we shouldn’t.


Kirby says we SHOULD.




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