Every practice it has been the same so far on the OL : Right Guard Solomon Kindley. Right Tackle Aulden Bynum. Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn. Left Guard Dyshon Sims. Center Lamont Gaillard. THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. This remains a BIG PROBLEM if Kirby continues to meddle with the OL and keep our BEST OL off the field.

I remain quite concerned that we continue to NOT have our best players out there on the field and practicing with the # 1 unit who are clearly our BEST PLAYERS regardless of their time here in THIS FAILED PROGRAM.  A failed program primarily because of our failed offensive linemen.


Besides those who have STARTED with the # 1 unit all Spring Practices so far :


Right Tackle D’Marcus Hayes

Right Tackle Ben Cleveland who I guess just needs to TRANSFER Kirby ? Is that what you want Kirby ?

Right Guard Sam Madden


Left Tackle Kendall Baker

Left Tackle Michael Barnett


Center Dyshon Sims

Center  Chris Barnes

Center Sean Fogarty


All I can say to THIS revolting turn of events is bullshit Kirby.


Bullshit son.


No coach in America given the talent YOU HAVE here at Georgia would have this crappy assed OL as his # 1 unit.


We have been FAR from a well-oiled machine on the OL.


We need to GET TO THAT.


We aren’t practicing our best players with the # 1 unit.