If you have to identify your weakness to become better : What are we doing WRONG Georgia Bulldogs that starting 2009 we are # 17 in Won/Lost Record with average # 7 Recruiting Rankings ? Why are we NOT PLAYING the players ? Are we failing to move players with a logjam at a position to positions of need in order to get our top 50 players on the field every game helping us WIN ? No we are not and have not for 8 years in a row now. Let’s hope year 9 in a row breaks that trend with so many TOP in-coming Freshmen to fill ALL OUR HOLES.



And if we look at every game after 2007 we’re # 18 won/lost record with 37 losses these latest most-recent 9 years now.


# 18 with the # 7 talent and averaging OVER 4 losses for 9 years to put it mildly sucks.