1 of 5 weeks are complete now for Spring Practice. Not only was Mecole Hardman Junior at Wide Receiver all this week but as well both Isaac Nauta and Jeremiah Holloman stood-out as well at Wide Receiver while the returning wide receivers ALL STRUGGLED dropping passes by STARK CONTRAST. Jacob Eason has out-dueled Jake Fromm Week One.

Jacob Eason is Starting with the # 1 unit while Jake Fromm is getting EQUAL REPS with Jacob Eason while it is Jacob Eason putting his stamp week one with the better job passing so far.


Surprisingly it is Jake Fromm who was the less accurate week one. I did not expect that. If that continues to be the case then hopefully rather than having The Jake and Jake Show for 2 years this year and next before Jacob Eason is taking in the NFL Draft early after next season – we can do instead what we did with Hutson Mason Aaron Murray’s redshirt JUNIOR Year 2012 where he was PRACTICED HARD as the back-up like this but unless there was an injury he would not be played at all.


In fact Aaron Murray joined us 2009 and Hutson Mason a year later 2010 just like this with Jacob Eason 2016 and Jake Fromm a year later this year 2017.


Then Aaron Murray was our QB 2010 2011 2012 and 2013. Hutson Mason in Aaron Murray’s junior year 2012 was redshirted as Aaron Murray was redshirted 2009 with a sore shoulder and his high school injury. I saw this week Aaron Murray compared to Jake Fromm in HEIGHT. At the NFL Combines as I had maintained all along it was indeed true that Aaron Murray was NOWHERE in the vicinity of 6’ 2” and in fact barely is past 6 feet flat at 6 feet and three quarters of an inch.


Short and short-armed Aaron Murray not only is only 6 feet and ¾ “ but his arms are only 30 and 5/8 “ long.


Comparing Jake Fromm to THAT is NOT GOOD for Jake Fromm.


Jacob Eason TOWERS over Aaron Murray at 6’ 5” and with much LONGER arms.


Of course Aaron Murray did suffer a torn ACL but that was his SENIOR SEASON 2013 and Hutson Mason had redshirted 2012 Murray’s Junior Season. Thus Hutson Mason was able to step-in 2013 and get 2 starts and play 5 games 2013. Hutson Mason was on STAND-BY 2012.


Jake Fromm if this continues should stand-by 2017.


Then instead of 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show this 2017 and next before Jacob Eason goes in the NFL Draft after next season it will be but one year of The Jake and Jake Show next year 2018.


Is it realistic to expect that in 2017 ?


Well in 2012 it CERTAINLY WAS REALISTIC for Aaron Murray with Hutson Mason as his back-up REDSHIRTING 2012.


So it is possible however unlikely.


Either way whether it is 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show or one next year 2018 clearly Jake Fromm is FALLING WAY BEHIND after the first week of Spring Practice.


I always talked about Jake Fromm throwing 16 strikes in a row I saw him throw. But it has in fact been Jacob Eason the more accurate week one this week.


We’ll see if that continues.




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