“There has been a lot of talk of using Sony Michel more in a receiving role like out of the slot. So the hints of a bigger receiving role could be about getting him in position for more explosive plays.” Seth Emerson quote today on AJ-C DawgNation.

Well Seth does not attribute this to any quote from Sony Michel or from Kirby Smart or from Nick Chubb or from Javon Wims.


But the facts are that Sony Michel’s role on ANY football team would be to use him out-in-space and yes he has a FUTURE at that after this season in the NFL. Sony Michel is THAT guy. We have NOT done that with Sony Michel.


Yes Nick Chubb has GREAT HANDS and will get MANY passes thrown to him out of the backfield after this season too.


ALL THIS while of course Kirby FINALLY moved Mecole Hardman Junior to his NATURAL ROLE of wide receiver to great REVIEWS so far this Spring.


And not just Mecole Hardman Jr. but also Jeremiah Holloman has shined this Spring early as well.


AND last but not least Isaac Nauta has been MAKING GREAT CATCHES THIS SPRING spread-out WIDE.


I have no idea where ALL THIS COMES FROM except to say THIS IS PRECISELY EXACTLY what THIS BLOG has maintained from the BEGINNING about ALL these guys along with me also pointing-out that Brian Herrien should have been the STARTING TAILBACK Game 2 last year if not before. I called for THAT prior to the Game 1 too – to make Brian Herrien the STARTING TAILBACK before the North Carolina game last season.


“Jacob Eason was not allowed to check-out of a call any last season. They’re giving Jacob Eason the ability to make checks this season.” Javon Wims said today to Seth Emerson beat-writer extraordinaire currently at the AJ-C DawgNation seizing that role there from Chipper Towers – who I presume is still on his Summer sabbatical since he NEVER writes about The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team for weeks-on-end quite frequently since Seth Emerson got here from macon.com.


All of this is GREAT NEWS if in fact these are what are happening on these fronts outside the typical 13 minutes of press viewings of our daily Spring Practices on-going week two now.


Here here.






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