“I heard you might need some fire power at WR? Just call my name and I’ll give you more than you need.” TWEET from Mecole Hardman Junior TO Kirby Smart May 2016.

To-date all Kirby has done is give him ONE (1) Touch all season and that was a kick-off return.  In fact Kirby TRIED to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Junior last season like Ben Cleveland for example.  Then he relented and let the man ranked the # 1 athlete in the United States of America 2015 make a couple of tackles on special teams.  That’s it.


It’s EXACTLY like Kirby has said and done about Charlie Woerner – another I PEGGED on THIS BLOG to be used at WR 2016 as I did Mecole Hardman Junior on THIS BLOG pre-season 2016.


All we get is Kirby PUTTING SHIT on Mecole Hardman Junior AND Charlie Woerner.


And Ben Cleveland.


And Brian Herrien.


Throw Mecole Hardman Junior the God Damn Football Kirby and we will see how NATURAL he is a receiver.


It certainly looks and sounds like YOU HAVE NO IDEA Kirby that Mecole WOULD NOT be a freaking NATURAL at receiver reading your quotes Kirby.






You also said that Mecole DOES NOT MAKE THE DEPTH ON YOUR DEFENSE and now MORE younger players are moving ahead of him THERE TOO Kirby.


Wake the F up Kirby.







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