Jacob Eason ALREADY ranked the # 21 best college QB and THAT with NO OFFENSIVE LINE and WITH NO WIDE RECEIVERS and 2 injured starting tailbacks and a new coach and a play caller from HELL.

Now that exactly one-third of Spring Practice is complete 5 of the 15 practices the obvious question is how serious is Kirby about what we HEAR him say to the PRESS when what he does in Spring Practice clearly has NOT been to practice certain players at specific positions with the # 1 unit.  Last season our QB earned a reputation nationally as the # 21 QB in the nation yet Kirby really did nothing BUT criticize him to the press and left Greyson Lambert as the only person getting snaps with the # 1 unit for 33 weeks.


33 weeks.




Why does Kirby have such a negative attitude about certain players ?  Is it that Kirby dislikes the facts like THIS POST HERE ON THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW TODAY saying that Jacob Eason IS DOING EXTREMELY WELL ?


I say absolutely.


He resents the press TELLING Kirby who should be playing where.


Despite the facts that THE PRESS is right and Kirby proven wrong by himself.


Just imagine if Jacob Eason actually got to practice any in Spring Practice or in Fall Camp with the # 1 unit ?  Oh he is THIS YEAR for a change ?  That would be nice SINCE he is our STARTING QUARTERBACK.


It is easy to see that Jacob Eason could move-up this list in SHORT ORDER if Kirby plays the OFFENSIVE LINEMEN he has been RECRUITING AND SIGNING HERE THE LAST TWO (2) YEARS NOW.


And if we ever just SETTLE on a pitch-and-catch combo for Jacob Eason to PRIMARLY practice with and throw to.


Lip-service about opening-up the offense this up-coming 2017 season by Jim Chaney and by Kirby Smart who PURPOSELY held Jacob Eason BACK last year aside – it is just as clear great improvements could be made there too which would move Jacob Eason even FURTHER up from this # 21 Best College QB 2017 ranking.




Look at some of those names and their colleges just right above Jacob Eason in Athlon Sports’ Top 2017 College Quarterbacks and you can picture how high his status will be for the NFL Draft not after this year but after NEXT year 2018.



Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan




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