The ONLY acceptable season 2017 for ALL of us Kirby is get to Atlanta. . . . Goals for Coach Kirby Smart :

If you think you can do THAT (getting to Atlanta) by not fixing your offensive play caller Kirby I have NEWS for you boy.


Vandie beat you Kirby.




Seriously Georgie tek beat you Ole Miss beat you Florida vols and Vandie beat you.


I see you fiddling-around with wide receivers but I see you DON’T KNOW who your PITCH-AND-CATCH combo is AGAIN 2017 Kirby.


I don’t care what Kirby says to the press all of whom he hates anyway.


We fired Ray Goff then Jim Donnan then Mark Richt all 3 in a row because they went 8-5 Georgia Bulldogs with ALL THIS TALENT. We ALL expect Kirby and DEMAND that Kirby PUT us in ATLANTA 2017.


Kirby has paid lip-service LAST YEAR and now again THIS YEAR too on our POINTS to him about THIS FAILED OFFENSE and failed special teams of HIS and his LACK OF INSISTENCE in WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES but whining instead about some DAMN PROCESS none of us give a shit about while redshirting HUGE HELP he needed on offense on the OL.  Seemingly writing-off the season before it ever started NOT EVEN KNOWING WHO HIS DAMN QB was last year all SPRING and ALL FALL CAMP.


Kirby tells the press one statement and then DOES the other. So I am not too concerned how he YANKS their chains. I wish he were more like a seasoned veteran head coach where at least it sounded like he was listening to their questions and expected the question and here is his answer – like EVERY successful coach does. But I have resigned myself that he’s just not that polished talking to the press.




8-5 is unacceptable and SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED 2016. Losing to Vandie for example who was a 6-7 team 2016 not only is inexcusable but that also led to Kirby NOT EVEN HAVING a winning record in The SEC.


I have YET to see one single prediction OTHER THAN Georgia WINS SEC EAST 2017 season.


I will have to settle for THAT.


We have so many areas the press keeps harping-on all 2016 and now all 2017 all of which Kirby seems totally at a loss to discuss that expectations BEYOND getting-to Atlanta seems fruitless.


Where is Mecole Hardman Jr. going to play ?


Are you doing anything DIFFERENT at ALL on the OL 2017 to fix this failed offense ?


What are you doing to FIX your special teams ? Considered Sony Michel ?


Lip-Service about Mecole Hardman Jr. and then one touch all 2016 season again 2017 ? One touch all season.


Have you considered that Brian Herrien might be our best running back when the other 2 are BOTH injured ?


What are you doing differently about the PLAY CALLS other than allow Jacob Eason if he is even your QB to finally be able 2017 to check-out of one of the dumb shit play calls where he goes out as receiver and some wide receiver who CAN’T CATCH throws it to HIM ?


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Is it NOT OBVIOUS how DESPERATE you are KIRBY on play calls ?


What about all these in-coming 15 recruits ranked in the top 100 of 3300 signed by FBS schools 2017 ? Are you going to HOLD THEM BACK ?


Is this just ANOTHER throw-away year because well it is just your second season or do you consider it REQUIRED for you WIN SEC EAST ?


Well ?


NONE of us are going to ACCEPT NOT getting to Atlanta 2017.


Say whatever you want to say to the press Kirby – just win the GOD DAMN FOOTBALL GAMES.


God Almighty vols Florida Georgie tek yellowjackets Ole Miss Vandie.


Good Lord.


We ALL say that you MUST get to Atlanta 2017.


I give a shit what the press takes off of you Kirby.


Mark Richt was a dumbass and SO WAS Ray Goff.


I know you are NOT Kirby.


Get to Atlanta Kirby 2017.  Anything less will once again 2017 be totally unacceptable as was last season after showing up January 12 and not knowing who was playing where last year either last Spring.  How can we be a well-oiled machine on offense and special teams when you don’t know who you are playing where on April 2nd Kirby ?


All I see is a lot of criticizing of the players by you Kirby and sound bites to the press where you tell the press that you don’t know where Mecole Hardman Jr. is going to play and oh yeah you said you are unsure who your QB is that your OL is the same as last year if they are still here and oh yeah that you don’t know who to throw the ball to nor whom it is who will return kicks along with questions about your punter and kicker.  All you are settled-on pretty much is your defense Kirby which is the ONLY area you joined this program with with ANY experience at whatsoever.


You can’t go through another Spring like this Kirby.  You are NOT ready for 2017 Kirby obviously.


You make it sound to the press Kirby like you don’t know what you’re going to do on offense nor special teams 2017 just only on defense are you pretty-much settled.


The only acceptable outcome for 2017 is get to Atlanta Kirby.  If someone shared some other opinion to you for 2017 Kirby let me set that straight right now.




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