The football game September 21 of 2019 – not next year – but the year after will be a big huge HOME GAME for The Georgia Bulldogs and just when we are fully loaded for bear too. Our Juniors 2019 will be the best class of Juniors in the nation and your Junior Year is THE YEAR for a player to shine. That and his senior year if he is still here. Temple lost their last game last season to a very weak Wake Forest 7-6 team. Notre Dame plays them week one. We on the other hand face VERY TOUGH Appalachian State week one who has gone 11-2 and 10-3 the last two seasons out of Boone North Carolina where the Mountaineers would love to come down here and ruin the match-up of Georgia at Notre Dame game 2 this up-coming 2017 season. Don’t talk to me about Notre Dame. We lost 5 games last year including to 6-7 Vandie thus we did not even have a winning record in The SEC last year.

For God’s sake do NOT start with the blog after blog about the how big the game is at Notre Dame.


We don’t play Notre Dame but Appalachian State while Notre Dame certainly can get healthy against hapless Temple.


Who has it harder to go up there to Notre Dame for Touchdown Jesus them who play Temple who lost their last game last season to a poor 7-6 Wake Forest or Georgia facing HOT Appalachian State 11-2 and 10-3 the previous two years ?


Can you shut-up about Notre Dame and beat Appalachian State ?


Get your heads out of the clouds.




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