CBS Sports . com Ben Kercheval rates Jacob Eason THIRD TIER QB because he was a TRUE FRESHMAN with no OL no WR and an Offensive Coordinator from HELL.

Oh and because Kirby gave Jacob Eason NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit for his first 33 weeks on campus here at Georgia yet was THROWN to the wolves anyway as the STARTER – like Kirby had ANY choice in the matter.

This smart-ass shit-ass CBS writer finds 4 quarterbacks who are Tier 1 quarterbacks 2017 season.  He finds 8 who are Tier 2 quarterbacks 2017 season.


And Jacob Eason is in GROUP of 4 Tier 3 quarterback for the sin of having NO OFFENSE around him and poor offensive coaching no OL no WR and an offensive coordinator who can not call his way out of a wet damn paper bag so says CBS Ben Kercheval.


I don’t presume you will be around to televise his games on CBS CBS Ben Kercheval ?


Nor be there after not this coming year but the one after that when he is DRAFTED ahead of all 16 of those you lump Jacob Eason in with ?




I didn’t think so CBS Ben Kercheval.


Here stick THIS up your God Damn asshole CBS Ben Kercheval.








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