There are loads of videos of MECOLE HARDMAN JUNIOR making catches with his hands ALL SPRING PRACTICE now. He has 4.35 speed in the 40-yard dash and has a great vertical leap nearly 6 feet tall. His leap is higher than 6′ 4″ receivers. JUMP BALLS ? Throw them to GLUE hands Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby likes PHYSICAL receivers so he is going to have to HIT some people to START. Once that happens he is off to the NFL as wide-out. You can’t have that much jumps and speed and hands and MOVES and be kept off the field ANY LONGER. Even Kirby has to ADMIT this now.

We’ve all seen the videos of Mecole JUMPING-UP and making great catches using his hands.  Mecole has GREAT HANDS.  Yes he is known for his 4.35 speed and rightfully so but he isn’t a little guy but a TRACK STAR high jumper.  His muscles in his legs are JUST ONE of his skills.  He has the right to TAKE-OVER 2017 at wide receiver something this blog called for last season from the day he signed.


Kirby has pissed me off the way he has WASTED Mecole mad at the press asking him ANYTHING about Mecole.


1 touch all 2016 season.  One.


Lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie.


6-7 South Carolina beat Vandie.

4-8 Missouri beat Vandie.

7-6 NC State beat Vandie.


But NOT Kirby.


I will get into his Offensive Line bullshit NEXT POST here on this blog.


But Kirby’s hardhead about Mecole Hardman Jr. has really pissed me off too.


Seems ALL ALONG THIS BLOG WAS DAMN RIGHT ABOUT Mecole Hardman Jr. at STARTING WIDE-OUT last year while Isaiah McKenzie was dropping every pass catching every pass off his shoulder pads not using his hands AT ALL.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has BIG HANDS soft hands skilled hands.


He’s ready Kirby.


I am super excited that Jeremiah Holloman whom Kirby calls J.J. is physical.


I hope that Mecole is listening to Kirby about PHYSICAL RECEIVERS.


Given half a chance to NOT PLAY MECOLE again 2017 Kirby will DO IT just to piss-off the PRESS all of whom he freaking hates with a hearty passion.


Kirby is being very hard-headed about his crappy little itty bitty small under-sized offensive linemen he continues to give all the snaps to with the # 1 unit and NEXT I am GETTING INTO THAT.


How are we the # 1 most TORTURED fan base in college football now that Kirby is our coach ?


Because Kirby has TWO HOLES 3 if you include special teams Mecole can fix by himself TOO on offensive line and at receiver and yet Kirby has ALL THIS TALENT he DOES NOT WANT to let us see them so he doesn’t play them and complains about them to the press to put them down.


Because HE KNOWS we will LIKE THEM better than his crappy choices.


That’s all I got for today.


See my next blog post on the OL Kirby insists are his # 1 unit all spring.


We’ve seen all the videos Kirby – so get over yourself and play Mecole damn it.


Skill guy with tons of skills on a team devoid of that on offense the last 3 years in a row now.


Kirby teach Mecole to be physical and the STEM beginning portion of the pass route.  Teach him Kirby or get someone who can.


I’ll let you read my post on Kirby’s choices on Kirby’s AWFUL offensive line choices this spring on Monday so you will have something to read at work.


But we are NOT the most tortured fan base now that Kirby is our coach because Kirby is making the right choices on offense and special teams.  In fact he is making all the WRONG CHOICES for the WRONG REASONS and that is why Kirby lost 5 games last season and with the horrid Vandie loss did not even have a winning record in The SEC.


I don’t want to be tortured any longer for I’d love to have a coach who LISTENS to ME.


I have been right about a lot of shit for a long time now but I have never been more right than about Mecole Hardman Jr.






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