“Yeah obviously coming from experience is the big difference this year. They’re giving me a lot more control with calling audibles. I feel a lot more comfortable with that than I would have last year. Because last year I was still trying to figure out which way to turn when I got a handoff and all that stuff. So this year there’s a lot more comfort in doing a lot of different things.” Jacob Eason to Seth Emerson after two-thirds of spring practices with the # 1 unit for Jacob Eason this year UNLIKE LAST YEAR. This time last year – and in fact for Jacob Eason’s first 33 weeks on campus KIRBY would NOT LET Jacob Eason practice with the # 1 unit. THEN Kirby threw him to WOLVES anyway UNPREPARED.

Unprepared his first 33 weeks by Kirby last year Jacob Eason was then made starter anyway – like Kirby had ANY choice at ALL whatsoever.


I told you this all along.


Unprepared and unable to audible-out of the horrible play calls by Jim Chaney – forced on Jim Chaney TOO by Kirby who came here with NO EXPERIENCE on the offense.  Kirby was unprepared by Nick Saban on offense on special teams AND in speaking to the press whom Kirby sees as an adversary.  Frankly Nick Saban NEVER LET Kirby DECIDE who was the better player for special teams or offense either so Kirby ALSO was unprepared by Nick Saban to DETERMINE whom it is he should be WORKING with the # 1 unit as his STARTER.


Yet EVERY SINGLE independent analysis of Jacob Eason is that he is one of the TOP dozen quarterbacks in the nation on this day after last year.




A fine article as far as it goes.  It DOES tell you what is.  It just doesn’t tell you why what is is what was.


It was because KIRBY would NOT LET JACOB EASON practice and prepare with the # 1 unit then Kirby threw him into the fire ANYWAY – like there EVER was ANY choice in the matter.


There never was.  And THIS BLOG said so January 12 only to wait until September 21 a full 33 weeks later before FINALLY KIRBY did what Kirby should have done January 12.  I mean when Kirby got here Jacob Eason has already been here for two full weeks.


That’s when THIS BLOG made Jacob Eason the STARTER and wanted to him to GET EVERY POSSIBLE SNAP with the # 1 unit.




There were SO MANY PEOPLE who argued with me about it LAST YEAR this time that I said KIRBY HAD NO CHOICE but to START JACOB EASON and that he would desperately NEED the time with the # 1 unit.


You’ll were WRONG in agreeing with Kirby that Jacob Eason should NOT be getting the reps with the # 1 unit until finally Kirby relented September 21 exactly 33 weeks later than January 12 as THIS BLOG said would be the sagacious choice for the team for the year 2016 and for the program long-term.


THIS QUOTE PROVES – now that Jacob Eason is NOT a true freshman and can now TALK to the press – that Jacob Eason sorely missed the snaps with the # 1 unit all last throw-away season as a result.


Kirby’s statements last year and this year ALSO PROVE that Jacob Eason should have received EVERY snap with the # 1 unit starting the first Spring Practice 2016.








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