It seems this blog has gotten through to KIRBY. What I have said since Day 1 now seems to be the case at receiver. In other news Jeremiah Holloman is bringing with him February 2016 recruit Layfeatte Holloman Jr. The brother duo are JJ and LJ. Both have 4.5 speed both vertical leap 41 inches while LJ at 6′ 2″ 190 lbs. is also the same size. Both graduated from Newton County in Covington which is the county seat of Newton County. LJ graduated 2015 JJ 2016.

If LJ puts forth the effort he did in getting his transfer papers the fact that he would have been a PQ 2016 for us won’t matter that the NCAA did away with PQ.  Leonard Floyd is their cousin who lived 150 miles due South in Eastman Georgia and went to Dodge County.


LJ is considered the # 23 best wide receiver in the nation 2016 and would have been ranked higher even than that had he applied himself in class at Newton County.


JJ is considered the # 16 best wide receiver in the nation 2017.


LJ has been gracious enough to accept preferred walk-on and I am sure he is just really glad to join us this Fall with all the others I have such high hope for during the season 2017.


I realize that you probably don’t know what it means to be the # 16 or the # 23 best wide receiver in the nation but trust me there are 650 wide receivers who will sign with an FBS team each year and # 16 or # 23 is absolutely outstanding.  Someone considered # 16 WR or # 23 WR would pretty much have to NOT WORK to not be a shoe-in NFL draft pick for BOTH.


I mean the NFL is a pass-happy league.  These are the measurables sought.  JJ is as tough a worker as we have and if LJ does as well this is instant offense.


I don’t see where LJ has only 3 years nor why he would have to wait a year to play transferring from an internet college with no football team.


Getting those credits accepted at The University of Georgia I would think would be met with stringent evaluation of LJ.


UGA is # 56 best university in the nation and for a football school we have half a handful of peers with that ranking U.S. News and World Report.


Best of luck to you LJ and JJ getting your brother to join you 7 months after your younger brother established himself as one of our VERY BEST workers.


I put JJ in the STARTING LINE-UP when he signed.


If LJ gets past Admissions transferring his credits and emulates his younger brother JJ on the football team we’re not going to have any shortage of true wide receivers.


Of course all this presupposes that KIRBY will even play freshmen and if he does when he might actually prepare them either one with the # 1 unit.


Give me a hard worker ANY DAY.  I’ll take that over measurables but JJ and LJ have the measureables and JJ has the hard worker habit down pat day 1.


Ok I am excited.  We saw what their cousin could do when you applied himself on the football field – he took over the games.




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