Georgia Bulldogs fans destined for life at the roadhouse Suds Bucket ?

Not quite a smooth-talking son of a gun Kirby has folks torn between believing the undersized Mark Richt recruits on the offensive line are better than the ones Kirby recruited here instead – that or that Kirby will re-accommodate Seth Emerson calls re-accomodate the press to believe that what they DO SEE they should have KNOWN not to report when Deangelo Gibbs had his shoulder injured by fellow defensive back freshman Richard LeCounte III.


Or maybe we should just all hit the Suds Bucket and drown our sorrows for 9 years of 37 losses – MORE than 4 losses a season for nine (9) stinking years.


No we’re not talking about the Kentucky Laundromat but about the roadhouse called the Suds Bucket.





Seriously Kirby leftover undersized line is really what you wanted all along here ?


United Airlines indeed should rip a passenger from his seat kicking and screaming and drag him off the plane for a stewardess to make a connection and Seth Emerson should worry that Deangelo Gibbs’ mom might find-out first from Seth and call Kirby to find-out about him getting her son injured : How bad is my baby boy’s injury I read about in the newspaper coach ?


By all means let’s keep this on the QT.


It should be a secret that which we see and know and feel compelled to share.


It’s confidential and completely off the record that which we see.   Silly me.


My God what Nick Saban must think at every NEXT new Kirby press “conference”  – that he might have given him some interviews in all a decade’s work with him to prepare him with how to speak with the press ?


Only to find Kirby now indeed like the United Airlines spokesperson announcing the ripping of a paid customer kicking and screaming from his seat by United Airlines Security Personnel to deadhead a stewardess to a needed plane ride referred to by said spokesperson as instead re-accommodating him.


Now Kirby Seth Emerson says needs to re-accommodate the entire press that nothing he says and even less than what the press sees may they report without the written prior approval of Kirby.


You take us all as dumb shits Kirby ?


My Dad I.Q. 165 Valedictorian has that problem Kirby.  He has no idea how smart or dumb others might be.  He only knows they nowhere in his ballpark.  There no relativity only black and white only for him to discern on the topic.


Good on you Seth for speaking-up about the ongoing injustice of Kirby ranting once again to the press at some ill-conceived notion that NO NEWS is good news and lies to the contrary of the truth all that the press should ever hear


or see.


If that all we aspire to as a program to believe that if one less person knows the truth on any subject then heavens above that’s got to be sagaciously obvious then for all of us to indeed shut-down our blogs and just bend the elbow to put us all out of our misery.


Kirby this is whom it is you are.


You are defined.



You are so transparent Kirby.





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