See the “COMMENT” 9IronDawg ?  No post to this blog has EVER been hidden and never will be.  Anyone who wishes to comment may to every post.  Now if all you do is read the home page it will show you the most recent posts but comment is found by clicking the post itself at which point you may post a comment.

Also I find DawginLex’s statement this morning that  “NO ONE IS TRYING TO CENSOR YOU Thomas Brown” utter nonsense and ANOTHER lie from DawginLex given these statements to me by him as well :

09:18 a.m. 10-20-2010 : “I will personally shut you up TB.”
10:46 a.m. 11-24-2010 : “Have TB banned.”
08:49 a.m. 09-27-2011 : “Don’t respond to me.  I am damn sure not going to respond to you.”
02:16 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “Do not copy and paste my posts TB.”

All DawginLex has said is that he wants to censor me.

It is DawginLex’s only purpose and none other.


I find all of this most hilarious.  Wouldn’t you ?




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