DawginLex – just who is this child ? What makes him tick ? He tried to have my comments about how bad our program is removed from the Internet starting 2008. Wants to claim greatness always posting EARLY EVERY MORNING. So now he picks on me AGAIN with MORE PERSONAL ATTACKS AND THREATS ONLINE THREATS TO ME.

I am the majority opinion of The Georgia Bulldogs.  What I say is what WE ALL SAY.  It ALWAYS has been.  I am not a fringe fan.  I am not a man of fringe opinion of my beloved Dawgs.


THIS blog is free.  I began posting on the Internet in 1977.  Back then the blogs were called Forums.  I had 2 copies of my forum software on a PC I built myself with 2 phone lines to it.  I have posted to EVERY Bulldogs’ blog since – every one which does NOT charge.  Daily.  I have expectations for our Bulldog Football Program.  I do NOT post to nor do I support Internet sites which CHARGE MONEY.  That is a failed model.  I go to the games and have on my Dad’s seasons’ tickets starting 1957 and then on my own seasons’ tickets  and DawginLex does not go to the games and readily admits every word of this post.  He and I locked-horns years ago now.  I also attended UGA which he did NOT either but says his FAMILY did.  Well my family did too.  But that is not the point.  The point is that HE SAYS I can NOT have my opinion and that he says he can.  I took EVERY law course UGA offered.  I graduated with 239 hours when I only needed 180 for my BBA degree.  I was honored in the Top 5% of my graduating class at the Foy Fine Arts Building.  I finally made a B in my 3rd quarter of my senior year.  89.78 which was B.  This guy DawginLex is a child and he resents me.  He is not I.  I am not he.  He resents me and resents that I can even have an opinion on how good we should be here at UGA.  He wants to claim greatness for us and builds the team up before the season then complains afterwards that which I told him whining at ME preseason.   This is NOTHING NEW for him to attack me even to threaten bodily harm of me to shut me up that we should be better than we are.  It is what he does.  This just more of the same.  He is and WAS a Mark Richt Apologist.  He is NO BULLDOG.  He does not want to hear where we are short of our expectations.  He hates facing the truth that is unless it is HE SAYING IT.


How is that working-out for you POS trying to censor me and NOT ALLOW my opinion only yours on the Internet DawginLex ?


DawginLex is not happy that I am NOT SATISFIED with the current state of our football program and have not been starting 2008.

I am NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT according to DawginLex.

Like anybody does not know we average more than 4 losses a season for 9 years now with ALL THIS TALENT here.

I demand more.

He demands I shut-up.

Has he shut me up ?

You be the judge.  Here SKIM this :

DawginLex :

10:00 a.m. 09-28-2011 : “CMR stays.  Adams loves him because he runs a clean program.”

09:18 a.m. 10-20-2010 : “I will personally shut you up TB.  I hope that the bus plows you.”

8:29 a.m. 11-25-2011 : “This is Richt’s biggest game ever.  Florida now.”

09:18 a.m. 04-03-2012 : “Yes TB I’m not pleased with Aaron Murray either.”

10:14 a.m. 10-21-2012 : “Aaron Murray will crap the bed once and that will be the difference.”

10:46 a.m. 11-24-2010 : “Have TB banned.”

08:49 a.m. 09-27-2011 : “Don’t respond to me.  I am damn sure not going to respond to you.”

09:12 a.m. 11-01-2011 : “I love the gator logic.  They win 31-34 in overtime over us and use the term beat down of us. Now 24-20 they use the term fluke.”

01:58 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m 53 and will wipe the floor with you.  If I meet you in person I will whip your ass TB.”

02:08 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m gonna find him and whip his ass.  If Chip won’t I will.”

02:16 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I apologize for my rant.  Do not copy and paste my posts TB.”

09:02 a.m. 11-15-2011 : “Show me where I said Richt should be fired.”

10:49 a.m. 12-19-2011 : “You bet I threatened you TB.  You can count your lucky stars that we’ll probably never meet.”

09:14 a.m. 12-20-2011 : “Be very thankful you will never engage me in person.  Very thankful.”

09:27 a.m. 12-23-2011 : “I am not ashamed that I lashed out at you TB because you deserved it.”

08:13 a.m. 04-28-2012 : “I had big expectations for this team.  Not any more.  I am just sick.”


LcBlldawg :

01:17 p.m. 12-23-2011 : “I’ve not seen TB make ANY personal attacks to DawginLex or anyone else.”




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