JOHN DAVID BUTLER : “CALM DOWN ABOUT THE 2018 RECRUITING CLASS” WITH ONE COMMITMENT TO REPLACE 17 SENIOR STARTERS 2017 ? Look the issue with Kirby is : If you can beat North Carolina and Auburn 2016 then well you should not be losing 5 games including the regular season finale and losing to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat. WE LOST CONFIDENCE. WHAT ARE YOU A DREAMER ?

There is NO EXCUSE for it and hiding all news from the ENTIRE Bulldog Nation is NOT GOING TO HELP.


So pardon us ALL but having only one 2018 commitment to replace 17 senior starters for us 2017 when other schools have 18 commitments most certainly raises yet ANOTHER RED FLAG ABOUT KIRBY.


If you don’t like reading from us that at least WE are concerned then you are obviously one of those online posters who has NEVER POSTED that indeed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program has LOST MORE than 4 games a year average over the last entire nine (9) years.


Call it like it is John David Butler :



We’re concerned.


We have EVERY RIGHT to be.





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