Ray Drew who graduates The University of Georgia tomorrow morning plays for CFL Montreal Alouettes and last played for Mark Richt 2014 season – perhaps you recall that season in which Mark Richt got down to 68 Signed Scholarship Recruits he had left for that meaningless bowl game against Louisville

Ray Drew played for Mark Richt 2011 2012 2013 and 2014 seasons. He would have needed to have graduated by June 30 of 2016 last year in order to have met NCAA requirements that the student-athlete graduate within 6 years for the NCAA to deem that UGA gets credit for a recruit signed here to play football graduated within the 6-year period.


This is wonderful that Ray Drew graduated especially while he is playing in the Canadian Football League.  Ray Drew like Aaron Murray never did get to play in the NFL only on off-season practice squads which they expand their rosters for.


I have always thought very highly of Ray Drew.  I love him even more and congratulations Ray Drew !


Ray Drew joins Chuks Amaechi Aulden Bynum  Reggie Carter James DeLoach Brandon Kublanow   Ryne Rankin Jonathon Rumph  Glenn Welch Reggie Wilkerson and Brice Ramsey who graduate UGA tomorrow Friday 5-5-2017.


U.S. News & World Report Rankings Top Universities # 51.

UGA is recognized as one of the top football powers who also are tops in the rankings of Top Universities too.  Alabama certainly is NOT and neither is FSU or Clemson.


Way to go Ray Drew !  That degree sir is worth $ 5 million dollars to you over your lifetime including retirement pay.  I know.


I am very proud of you Ray Drew and always have been sir.





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