Only 2 teams are ranked ahead of Oklahoma for 2017 but Baker Mayfield Starting QB at Oklahoma is arrested now including FELONY attempting leave scene when he began to sprint-away tackled arrested on public intoxication disorderly conduct resisting arrest and fleeing scene. 2-time Heisman Top 4 Finalist all-time Oklahoma record as QB. Top 3 Heisman 2017. Baker Mayfield only OK QB ever pass 5000 yards rush 500 yards in Oklahoma history. Arrested now and posted bond last night.

2:29 a.m. police are flagged-down on assault and battery report. The person flagging police down is yelling at Baker Mayfield.  Police Report Baker Mayfield unable to walk straight having slurred speech and food covering the front of his shirt.  Police asked Baker Mayfield to stay to get statement.  Police got report from person flagging them down at which point Baker Mayfield cursed the police and tried to sprint away forcing police to tackle him.  He refused to put his hands behind his back when ordered to.  He was booked at 8:21 a.m. and posted bail last night 5-6-2017 pleading not guilty.  He did not do ANY of this.  Nah all a misunderstanding.

Walk-On at Texas Tech this is his 4th year in college with 10 thousand passing yards and 86 Touchdowns on 68 percent completions on 1065 passes to only 8 interceptions last season.

In one of the most contorted cases of all-time Baker Mayfield is the 1st Walk-On QB to Start his 1st Game as True Freshman Texas Tech but argued belligerently with coach Kliff Kingsbury who was also the last Red Raider Freshman QB to start 1999.

Then he quit Kliff Kingsbury.  His sit-out season was his REDSHIRT year 3 years ago.

There is no question that Oklahoma Florida State and Alabama are the 3 front-runners for national champions 2017 season up-coming.  Now this.  He would have gone to Ohio State week two Oklahoma Ohio State who is consensus # 4 in the polls 2017 because Ohio State was supposed to LOSE to Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma at HOME for Urban Meyer.

It is the only game Oklahoma has all season who competes in the Big XII and thus has no conference championship game.  The main reason Baker Mayfield wanted to go to Oklahoma was to play in this game of Oklahoma at Ohio State week 2 this season and last year which he lost to Ohio State 24-45 in Norman Oklahoma.

The belligerent Baker Mayfield was expected to be one of the highest-rated NFL Draft prospects in next year’s NFL Draft at Quarterback.  That will not be happening now. NFL scouts will be asking him about why he Walked-On at Texas Tech after being 16-0 State Champion at Texas Lake Travis High School with 68 Touchdown Passes to only 8 interceptions as Starting Quarterback.

6′ 1″ was going to be his problem although that alone does not explain why only Podunk colleges offered him a scholarship.

Was his Walk-On to college caused by belligerent attitude like he proved to Kliff Kingsbury and now to Police ? 

Oklahoma wanted Baker Mayfield to Walk-On there too at just 6′ 1″ as Bob Stoops recruited him heavily this his 19th year there as Head Coach Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield did have Scholarship Offers from Washington State Florida Atlantic New Mexico and Rice.

SMU TCU Oklahoma and Texas Tech wanted him to Walk-On. There had to be some issue other than 6′ 1″ one would think.  Belligerency.  This guy has a problem and now Oklahoma does.

The reason he left Texas Tech is clear.  He was Starting QB.  He got injured.  He came back and LOST HIS JOB because of his injury. Oh did I mention Oklahoma offered him a SCHOLARSHIP now ?  So he quit Kliff Kingsbury with promises from Bob Stoops he would be his Starting QB 2015 2016 and 2017 then be drafted.

There just had to be off-field issues with Baker Mayfield as to why he really did not have any viable Scholarship Offers.  Texas did not even offer him a Scholarship and Baker Mayfield lives and played in Austin at the very school which won the state championship 15 years in a row.

My prediction is that Bob Stoops suspends him for UTEP who was 4-8 last year game 1 for Oklahoma and then the media frenzy week two at Ohio State he STARTS anyway.

Baker Mayfield is CONSENSUS 2016 All-America Quarterback 1st Team by EVERYONE last year and was Sporting News PLAYER OF THE YEAR the year before 2015 both for Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield is also FBS single season passer rating record of 196.4

This will not be the last of this you will read but this is the best write-up of it.




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