“That’s really encouraging that Mecole Hardman Junior caught 3 passes for 62 yards in the Spring G-Day Game because we lost Isaiah this year and we need another guy who is a threat with the ball in his hands. We’ve got some of those guys but Mecole adds to that group. I’m excited to see what he does with the ball in his hands in space because he’s an athlete and can make guys miss.” Jacob Eason about Mecole Hardman Junior.

Mecole who got all of one total touch all year long 2016 by Kirby despite winning in track and field coming-in 2nd in Track and Field in the entire state of Georgia in the 100-meter dash in the triple jump and in the long jump all three second in the state of Georgia GHSA Class AAA state meet in 2016. Now Mecole is on the Track and Field team at Georgia and is an alternate 4×100 meter dash and he just showed-up. Kirby had him 13 games.


He also as well is ranked the # 1 athlete in the nation as a football player. But Kirby gave him one touch.


There is no doubt that Mecole Hardman Junior was WASTED 2016 season by Kirby. Kirby made some blunders 2016 and this one at the very top of the list that he let Mecole have a grand total of one touch all season 2016 in which Kirby went 8-5 losing to Vandie and thus not even a winning record in The SEC for Kirby. Now we are to believe that Kirby will be PRACTICING and PLAYING his 2017 recruiting class freshmen.


I have my doubts about THAT and I have no doubts about Mecole Hardman Junior as a sophomore receiver 2017. None. I have a lot more doubts about Kirby than I do about Mecole.




Kirby gave Mecole one touch 13 games one touch which says more about Kirby than it says about Mecole.


This is a perfect example of why our biggest weakness is not our play calls our offensive line our wide receivers or even our special teams but Kirby himself.




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