65 teams are Power Five. SEC Big 10 Pac-12 ACC Big XII Notre Dame. Kirby is ranked # 54 coach of a Power Five Program. “It seems some of that Nick Saban sheen wore off over what was generally considered a disappointing 8-5 season in Athens.” Dennis Dodd CBS and all the other CBS Sportswriters ranked the coaches of the Power Five. I am sure you agree not only with that ranking about # 54 for Kirby but also of their Top Power Five Coaches too. Nick Saban # 1 AL. Urban Meyer # 2 OSU. Dabo Swinney # 3 Clemson. Jimbo Fisher # 4 FSU.

No one figures Kirby for less than 4 losses 2017 say 10-4 as we all agreed he must get to Atlanta thus 14-game season for Kirby 2017.

Our job opening was considered the number one or so job in America. We hired an unproven head coach who has since proved that he knows little about offenses and nothing about special teams. He also has proved he can not conduct a press meeting. He has proven that he does know about defenses and he has proven he knows about recruiting notwithstanding the fact that he has done little so far for 2018 knowing all those whom he loses off-scholarship here after this 2017 season and it will be massive.


The vast majority of Bulldog fans have ALL criticized Kirby. The vocal majority and the vocal minority both have picked on Kirby.


The Jim Chaney hire and the continued use of him as Offensive Coordinator with his horrendous play calls is on everyone’s list of criticisms of Kirby as our coach.


You will note too all the criticism from everyone about Kirby on nearly every part of Kirby’s offense. Kirby has been unable to secure despite bunches of high profile receivers nor has he played the guys he has got to come here at receiver such as Mecole Hardman Jr who had all of one touch all 13 games 2016. And now having JJ Holloman buried on the roster way down too just like Mecole last year. No difference. There is little expectation Kirby will see the light with JJ Holloman this year given Mecole as the example from last year.


The Offensive Line is a shambles as everyone saw again G-Day Game. It was all last season yet Kirby has recruited all this OL help including 3 very high rated OL last year who between the 3 got one snap despite the utter failure of the OL last year and now 3 of those starters gone replaced by again smaller back-ups to them despite the hordes Kirby recruited 2016 and now again 2017. Figure the 2017 OL freshmen will likewise not play because Kirby will not given his proof in his poor treatment of the top 3 OL recruits from last year 2016.


Kirby was still messing around with Greyson Lambert getting all the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit Tuesday before game 2 last year 2016 Nicholls State. This put the entire offense behind the 8-ball and it never could recover with no practice for the guy we all knew he had to throw into the fire anyway. Now he says he is really high on Jake Fromm not Jacob Eason again 2017 now. Kirby seems to recognize talent on defense and to not recognize it on offense. What do you say on that statement ?


Kirby is and has been trying to control what any and everyone says or thinks about him and about our team.


Kirby has been ranked on the coaches’ hot seat since he took over and the heat turns up even more every passing day so Kirby wants to control the news we get is his answer.


This defensive posture has been primarily aimed at The Bulldog Nation that Kirby does not want us to follow the team nor have any access to any news for us to follow our program.


Kirby continues to be stubborn about running the ball even vs loaded box even when it was not working. Kirby never did run to open pass and pass to open running game. Kirby just has bad game strategies for all to see like he knows nothing about offenses nor how to design a game plan even for Vandie.


I’d say this ranking of # 54 of 65 Power Five Coaches’ is spot-on about right.


Unfortunately I agree with everyone at CBS Sports.com this morning.













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