Is Kirby just a poor evaluator of talent on offense and on special teams or is it just defense that Kirby evaluates star players well ?



2 thoughts on “Is Kirby just a poor evaluator of talent on offense and on special teams or is it just defense that Kirby evaluates star players well ?

  1. Confused as to your question? 🤔 Is this just accidental redundancy…or did a typo change the apparent meaning?
    Nevertheless, let’s assume you just wanted to ask whether or not Kirby is a bad talent evaluator on offense and special teams.
    *Some folks may feel that way, but even THEY would likely say that it’s a premature assumption.

    On the other hand- most informed followers with an ounce of patience would say that you’d need to tweak the complaint slightly to have much to debate even at this early stage.
    I think Ann etter question would be “…were Kirby’s personnel issues on O and Special Teams attributed to circumstance, first year HC’ing hiccups, or lack of evaluation skills (aside from Defense)?

    But still, I think it’s way too early to evaluate CKS’s performance or potential as a HC (in basically any capacity) before he has – AT LEAST – a second season opener under his belt!

    Now that I’ve delved out all the benefit of the doubt that I can stomach- I must stop you at your premise. First, you act as though Kirby fielded and has recruited poor/overrated/underwhelming athletes at O and ST…and those players have proven such.
    Not only has he had to depend on many of the members of his (quasi) first recruiting class as true freshmen [due in most part to the absolute DEARTH of depth and top tier talent contributed by Richt’s ’13 recruiting class – which infamously, was nearly as absent of long term strategy/logic as it was talent], but that group of 17-18 yr olds who were “his guys” performed in a big way last season and had nothing to do with the subpar season. Forget Eason and Nauta – who proved their 5-star statuses true (at least IMO) – and remember the new/young guys who played a big role or flashed big time ability who weren’t household names…you’ll notice a trend (or perhaps not, as we don’t seem to agree on the subject…so I’ll spell it out):
    Pleasant surprises:
    Mo’ Smith

    Not only did they play integral roles and look to be studs in the making…but the first four were brought over after the coaching change and as direct result of Kirby coming to UGA.
    Herrien and Marshall were far overlooked by recruiting services (and UGA somewhat). His additions of Tyler Simmons and Javon Wims look as though they’ll pay dividends…
    And finally, in his first steps as HC, he scrapped Bailey for Jake Fromme and secured – arguably – the most important commitment of his career with Richard LeCounte — as his very first commitment.
    So, I hope I answered the question in some way [to someone’s liking:].

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