Lifeblood and best indicator of future success and now Seth Emerson writes today : “Notre Dame averages # 12 and Georgia averages # 6 over the latest 4-year period making up these teams except for Redshirt Seniors 2017 using the Composite Rankings” but if Kirby does not play them with his obsession against Freshmen practicing with the # 1 unit again all Spring 2017 what difference does it make ?

You simply put can not waste an entire year of freshmen in big-time college football any longer in 2017 but this average ranking of # 12 for Notre Dame the latest 4 years making up their team except for redshirt seniors 2017 really pinpoints why Notre Dame is NOT and HAS NOT BEEN any damn good at all for a long time now.


But what about Georgia ?


Georgia Seth Emerson points-out today averages # 6 for the latest 4-year period making up this 2017 Kirby team except for his redshirt seniors.


It’s a farce that Notre Dame deserves to be completely separate from the ACC in football ONLY.  One of the 65 teams making up the POWER FIVE but not part of the ACC.


But again what about Georgia ?


Well first we had Mark Richt who well over 40 % of his recruits just simply were not on the team any longer most due to being kicked-off quit flunked-out or never qualified and now we have Kirby who recruits all this talent then brags to the press about how bad ALL FRESHMEN are and that he will not play them and then is forced to because well Mark Richt ran-off all the talent he “recruited” here.


59 of Mark Richt’s 118 signed scholarship recruits 2010 through 2015 just simply were NOT on this team making up over 40 % of his team and now Kirby hates on Freshmen making up over 30 % of his team.


Which is worse a coach who believes that there is something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia as Mark Richt REPEATEDLY stated or Kirby who categorically held-back his freshmen 2016 and then threw them into the fire anyway having WASTED all Spring 2016 and all Fall Camp 2016 not getting them any snaps with the # 1 unit.


Kirby NEVER had any choice  but to play and use 30% of his players – nearly one-third.




Why 30 % ?


Because 30 % of your players ARE FRESHMEN.


Both approaches are a failed model Mark Richt with well over 40% of his players he signed here as scholarship recruits GONE from the team and Kirby holding-back the very ones he ultimately had to rely on anyway as this blog told him this time last year.


Why else would a team who historically averages # 7 recruiting class Georgia UGA Bulldogs be in fact averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 damn years now after 2007 ?


Why in the name of God ?


Because we are NOT USING OUR TALENT.


Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits beginning 2010 through 2015 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016.


If you’re a college football program who ranks very high in recruiting every year then you will be able to compete annually because ESPN and Composite all 4 do a far better job of evaluating talent than any other method of projecting future success.

You’re far more likely to make the NFL and to be drafted if you’re a 5-Star Recruit who are the top one percent of the 4 recruiting services’ rankings. If you’re a team without any 5-Star signee then you’re not going to play in the National Championship Game.

The recruiting services began keeping their rankings 2002. Prior to that they published them but did not retain them. Starting 2002 no team has played in the National Championship Game without any 5-Star signee contributing. So for 15 years now not one NCG participant has failed to have one of these top one percent prospects.

Recruiting Rankings mean so much to the future success in the college football game that it goes much further than 5-Star or top one percent prospects.

Take Top 10 recruiting service rankings for example. Also starting 2002 all participants in the National Championship Game have had their program’s recruiting ranking ranked in the Top 10 in at least one of the previous 4 rankings before making the big game except for Oregon in 2010 and again Oregon in 2014. And Oregon ranked # 12 or # 13 for 2010 2011 and 2012.

So the next time you find yourself stating to the public on the Internet that you don’t follow recruiting or that recruiting does not matter that it is all a crap shoot anyway think about how totally uniformed you are to make such silly statements about yourself and your knowledge of the game of college football.

And it is not just 5-Star recruits and being ranked in the Top 10 classes playing in the National Championship Game either. It’s pervasive across the board for all college football programs and for all rankings of the prospects and subgroups of prospects that the recruiting rankings are the single-most significant factor in determining future success.

If you’re just outside that group of the number 32 each year of 5-star prospects as the top one percent prospects rankings but in the top ten percent of the 3200 recruits who sign annually with the 129 Division 1-A FBS schools 2017 then you’re a 4-Star. And you’re far more likely to have success personally and far more likely for your school to be successful if you’re one of the 5-Star or 4-Star Recruits. There are 3200 FBS signings each year and of those 32 are 5-Star and 300 are 4-Star. And while that leaves over 3000 annually who are not 5-Star or 4-Star all the rest of these prospects have a far lesser chance of contributing greatly to the program’s success. They don’t get their team to the National Championship Game they don’t indicate that their team is a Top 10 recruiting rankings program capable of propelling their program to success and you’re so far less likely to be drafted by the NFL or make it into the NFL.

It’s a matter of odds. The facts prove beyond all reasonable discussion that if 5-Star and 4-Star recruits are far more likely to go on to the NFL and to be drafted than if they are just even 3-Star recruits or 2-star recruits or even unranked recruits yet it is these very 3-Star 2-Star and Unranked prospect who make-up 90% of all prospects.

This blog who has followed this recruiting ranking industry from the beginning has cautioned you that it is not just 5-Star or 4-Star that is important but their overall ranking number at their position which should be followed. If a player is ranked # 2 nationally overall as a QB then that player is not only a 5-Star but more importantly from my point of view he is # 2 of 129 possible quarterbacks you might have recruited and signed. Now if you think the recruiting services don’t know what they are talking about then you’re talking about something in public that proves just how poorly educated you are on the topic to even talk about the game you purport to try to discuss in public with others. You would be far better served to read than to write.

You see ?

The recruiting ranking at their position indicates to you or should approximately what they rank of the 129 teams competing to try to find a player for that position. Since 5-Stars are one percent of 3200 prospects annually 4-Stars are the top ten percent of the 3200 prospects then 90 percent are 3-Star or below. Therefore where they are ranked at their position as # 2 best nationally quarterback is far more important and telling than to lump them all in a subgroup of 3-Star which is by definition a very large group.

Since this is then the BEST INDICATOR OF FUTURE SUCCESS for the prospect’s team AND for the prospect personally then THIS is the Lifeblood of any college football program and is what separates the great coaches from the run-of-the-mill coaches because it is possible therefore to be considered a good coach simply because the coach signed top ranked recruits and recruiting classes.

2017 Kirby signed 15 players ranked in the top 100 overall nationally regardless of position.  True 2018 is not the same at all but then again Kirby did lose 5 games 2016 and recruits do want to go play with teams who are doing well.  If Kirby can beat teams such as Notre Dame vols Florida Auburn and not lose to 6-7 teams like Kirby did to Vandie 2016 in his 8-5 season then recruits will once again flock here because for a football school UGA is one of the very best educations any football school can offer the prospect.

Kirby is going to have to do a better job of highlighting his top ranked recruits than he has like he himself doesn’t give a shit about their rankings either.


Until he sees otherwise the recruiting rankings have proved so far that they know a LOT more about the players than Kirby does.




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