LSU South Carolina and Georgia Tech are all 3 going to have bad records 2017 in college football while Oklahoma and Wisconsin play nothing but CUPCAKES insuring good records for them. Georgia’s schedule 2017 in football is # 36 nationally with 3 ranked teams and all games except 2 against teams who played in a bowl game.

Oklahoma Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 86.

Wisconsin Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 94.


Both teams are pussies for such a schedule.


LSU Notre Dame South Carolina and Georgia Tech have little hope of escaping 2017 with good records because they play too tough a schedule.


College Football is ALWAYS about the schedules you play.


THIS is the difference in the NFL and the college game that the NFL takes the team who came in first and gives them the last pick in the NFL Draft and the toughest schedule.  The NFL on the other end of the spectrum takes the last place team and lets them pick first in the NFL Draft and gives them the easiest schedule.


But that is not how college football is.


Expect Clemson to have a tough time 2017 with this schedule.


Expect to see Oklahoma and Wisconsin high the polls all year long playing cupcakes.  The polls are all about your won/loss record.  Always have been always will be.


Now Kirby beat Auburn last year and that was an important win for Kirby.  That win and his recruiting 2016 and 2017 propelled Kirby to being generally given a year off 2016 a honeymoon granted by our fans.


I’ve been tough on Kirby.  I figure a team who beat Auburn should have not lost to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.  I know we lose 17 to 20 Starters off this 2017 team and that this has to be Kirby’s year 2017 while our Bulldog Nation fan base has been willing to give Kirby another throw-away year 2017 saying Kirby might be a year away still 2017.


Dispelling that party line I have maintained that the current recruiting for 2018 is not at all like Kirby 2017 and 2016 here especially given all the talent Kirby can and will lose after this up-coming 2017 season.


This is a season where Kirby faces-off against every team on Kirby’s schedule this 2017 season who played in a bowl game except for Notre Dame and Missouri.  Samford played in the FCS Division 1-AA Play-Offs.


Notre Dame has a tough schedule 2017 and easy target Brian Kelly must win against Kirby or he will be fired right after the game against us in game 2.  And Missouri is looking to bounce back too.  So the only 2 games against teams who did not play in a bowl game last year for Kirby 2017 are both a lot tougher than they appear.


Kirby has a tough schedule 2017 doesn’t he ?


This is a make-or-break year 2017 for Kirby.  His entire coaching career is on the line.


Sure he’s a young man.  He was only 39 when we hired Kirby but Kirby is seriously facing a tough opportunity after this 2017 season losing 17-20 Starters off this 2017 team in 2018 and having frankly maybe one player slotted so far to take all those job openings in Kirby’s 2018 recruiting so far.


I think Kirby is going to have a tough time 2017 a grueling schedule of frankly NO WEEK OFF.


And little prospects for 2018 being great with all the losses of starters after this 2017 season especially given his 2018 poor recruiting start.


It’s really right down to it for Kirby who has to feel the heat for 2017.  He has to put-up a winning SEC record 2017 which he did not do in 2016 and must make Atlanta meaning he plays a 14-game season with no day off.


10-4 is the minimum acceptable for Kirby 2017.


Anything worse than that and expect the entire nation to demand that Kirby be fired.  That is how bad this 2017 season could be for Kirby but he has PLENTY of talent if he uses it.


Oh give him a year or two to get settled-in the party line goes for Kirby.  However 2018 is NOT going to be fun for Kirby – not compared to 2017 with all this talent and coming-off our greatest recruiting class ever # 2 in rankings 2017 for Kirby and # 3 by every one of all the other recruiting services.


Be prepared for 2018 now Kirby.  Win.  Win now.  Win with this talent.  Phil Steele is the # 1 pre-season magazine and while I spend a ton of money on pre-season magazines Phil Steele is the one magazine coming-out soon now which I always buy and the one I study the most.


There is NO OTHER NEWS TODAY.  THIS is it.  This is what 2017 means to Kirby.  2017 means EVERYTHING to Kirby.




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