Athlon ranks Kirby # 12 of 14 SEC head coaches May 2017 : “Smart was hired to elevate Georgia into an annual contender in the SEC and the former Alabama assistant has plenty of work to do after an 8-5 debut in 2016. After coaching in the shadow of Nick Saban at Alabama for nine seasons Smart landed the opportunity to coach at his alma mater after Georgia FIRED Mark Richt. Smart is regarded for his work on defense. After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.” Athlon Sports EDITOR Steven Lassan.

Yes Kirby has a lot of work to do after he stumbled to an 8-5 record losing to the likes of losing record Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat and generally was criticized about his every press meeting seemingly a man not ready to coach offenses nor special teams a man who thinks he can control what folks think about The Georgia Bulldogs by controlling what the press does and does not say being defensive at every press meeting for more than a year now as our head coach.


And yes plenty of questions remain about Kirby Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation obviously.  There are more questions than answers and no answers forthcoming from Kirby on any of the many questions about his ability as head coach.


He has answered the bell on coaching defense well and in 2016 as well and was answering the questions about recruiting until his 2018 buzz saw recruiting with all the 20 or so Starters Kirby loses after this 2017 season.


The recruits too are standing-back from Kirby still today to fill those 20 Starters’ Openings leaving after this 2017 season.  Why would that be ? 


Kirby has also proved beyond a shadow of the doubt that he knows nothing about coaching offenses or special teams nor how to hold a press conference or keep fan interest by limiting the press to only those statements he Kirby himself makes which have been proven as well as WRONG such as his bragging on the OL which was killed all 2016 and 2017 so far too for us ALL TO SEE OURSELVES.


It’s NOT working so far.  I see that as an opportunity to state it is NOT WORKING yet.  I also see 2017 as his ONE WINDOW for success with 20 Starters GONE after this 2017 season.  So if you wish to give him another year off 2017 you will find yourself joining me AND all the national media QUESTIONING Kirby today next season 2018 won’t you missing 20 Starters ?


I see what is for what it is and call it as it is.  You may of course see what is and see it not for what it is but for what you want it to be.


I am NOT satisfied and prefer to tell the Truth.


All I can say is that Athlon Sports CERTAINLY agrees with ME.


If you came here to hear me BRAG on Kirby you might want to jump upon a faster horse next time.  Instead I am DEMANDING he get us to Atlanta and be 10-4 at a minimum 2017 with all this talent he LOSES after this season.


Here you can read the entire story and all the rankings of The SEC’s head coaches’ rankings by Athlon Sports EDITOR Steven Lassan at this URL Link :




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