Athlon ranks UGA # 14 football 2017 : “The SEC East will be a tight three-team battle between Georgia Florida and Tennessee. The Bulldogs get the nod as our early favorite to claim the division title. The offense should take a step forward with quarterback Jacob Eason having a full offseason to work as the starter.”

Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan :


That was my single biggest complaint about 2016 – that Jacob Eason was NOT given the off-season # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.  Steven Lassan Athlon highlights that as to why UGA is their pre-season favorite to WIN The SEC East over Florida and vols.


I felt and this blog stated this time last year that Jacob Eason had been WASTED in the Spring Practices 2016 not being given a single snap with the # 1 unit.  Then in the Fall Camp that continued until the bitter end as well getting only a few snaps at the end of Fall Camp with the # 1 unit.


I felt that Jacob Eason would have to be named the starter anyway and that he sorely needed all the snaps with the # 1 unit he could get.


Now he is.


Year 2.


He was made the starter anyway coming back from the deficit Greyson Lambert left us in against North Carolina.


It held the offense back which never got untracked 2016 that the Starter did not get a full off-season of # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.


I have followed Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan for decades and he is the editor of Athlon so I am not without those who agree with me who are themselves experts who are world renown.


# 14 is approximately where everyone has UGA Georgia Bulldogs ranked for 2017.


You can read Athlon Editor Steven Lassan’s complete comments about Georgia 2017 here at this URL Link :


He does tab Alabama Ohio State and FSU as the top 3 teams 2017.


No my complaints about 2016 are not just about Mecole Hardman Jr.






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