Dixie Highway to Chicago is I-75. If you go anywhere by car you go straight here and even more so by plane. High School football is played here. THIS is high school football and we the hotbed of college football fans with more fans here than anywhere in the world. We are the Heart of Dixie and we are the Heart of High School Football and we are the largest college football fan base. You have to come through here and we’re The Empire State of The South. The Dixie Highway does not even go through Alabama.

With 20 out-going players who are STARTERS for Kirby 2017 – why is it Kirby has only one commitment for next year then a 5 feet 10 inch tall cornerback speedster ?


Can ANYONE help me understand this disconnect please ?


We host the national championship in college football this season at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium the World’s Most Expensive Stadium ever yet we as the King of College Football have one commitment for 2018 with 20 Starters from this 2017 team gone after this season.


One commitment.


Some teams have 17 commitments.


Some teams have 15 commitments and some 13 commitments and we have one.


Surely the players know we lose 20 STARTERS after 2017 and need their commitment right ?







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