Let me get this straight Kincaid. Kirby has a top 5 team in talent 2017. He plays # 36 strength of schedule which is made-up of really none of the top football teams 2017. Kirby bungled 2016 but that is OK no worries and I can not criticize him for that. The general CONSENSUS is that Kirby wins The SEC East 2017. We can have NO EXPECTATIONS of Kirby for all of the entirety of 2017 according to Kincaid. No matter what Kirby does 2017 he is safe according to Kincaid. We have to give Kirby yet another throw-away season 2017 according to Kincaid of the Buck and Kincaid show AM680 The Fan.

Kirby is NOT going to be better in 2018 than in 2017.


How can he be ?


He loses EVERYONE off this team after 2017.


That’s wrong on so many levels Kincaid that Kirby can not be held RESPONSIBLE for what happens in 2017.


Kirby is ranked # 54 of 65 Power Five Conference Coaches.


Kirby is ranked # 12 of 14 SEC Coaches.


Kirby’s performance to-date has left much to be desired.


Widely EVERYONE says Kirby has had NOTHING BUT a lackluster ineffective poor performance to-date in ALL aspects of his job except for recruiting and his defense.


And now with all his Starters leaving after 2017 Kirby can not even in this # 3 best state for high school players get more than just one 5 feet 10 inch speedster cornerback commit for 2018 to replace all these leaving Starters after 2017.


This is what we hired Kirby to come here and do to take-off year after year after year.


Las Vegas has only 7 other teams 2017 with a better chance to win it all 2017 than Kirby.




Kirby has lied to the press about his short small offensive line back-ups last year who did not get the job done for all of us to see and brags still today on them for 2017 when we all saw they are wholly inadequate to protect the QB nor block for the run. Yet Kirby has ALL this talent of 7 of the very best Offensive Linemen in the country and the Nation’s Best # 1 Offensive Line Coach Sam Pittman.  But Kirby tells him who to Start on “his OL” while refusing to let us talk to Sam Pittman.  And Kirby does not use his best OL but small guys instead.


Kirby has # 5 most talented team in America 2017. He lost only a small unsure hands receiver who returned punts poorly and who led the team in his time here in fumbles and drops and letting the punt drop and roll.


Kirby has two very top-rated 5-Star quarterbacks two senior running backs and 3 serious NFL candidates at RB behind them. He has an offensive line made-up from last year 3 and this year 4 more at least 4 of those 7 who will be NFL Draft Picks.


Kirby was given a pass on last year in which he lost to losing record Vandie along with 5 losses. You insist he gets another throw-away year 2017.


He will have the most NFL Draft Picks in the Nation at the conclusion of this 2017 campaign. He plays the # 36 strength of schedule in yet again another down year for The SEC East. He plays NONE of the top teams such as LSU Alabama FSU Ohio State Oklahoma and plays instead really no team on his entire schedule who is really any good. He has made grievous errors in judgement such as telling the press he wants to control what they can say and whom he will let them ask questions of which consists of really only himself Kirby lets the press hear from.


Kirby brings none of his of his coaches and players to the press meetings and holds secret practices so we can not second-guess Kirby on whom it is he is playing on special teams and offense both of which SUCK.


But I can NOT say any of this according to Kincaid.


Really Kincaid ?


Kirby has seriously misguessed his talent such as redshirting Ben Cleveland before now he got injured. Such as Starting Greyson Lambert over Jacob Eason. Such as continuing his use of Jim Chaney as his Offensive Coordinator with just horrid play calls. Such as giving one touch to Mecole Hardman Jr. and now this year admitting that was a mistake too making him return man and receiver which I called for every day of 2016 after Signing Day. Kirby failed to prepare Jacob Eason with the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit then threw him into the fire anyway unprepared. He had a healthy Brian Herrien and started instead injured Nick Chubb and injured Sony Michel both coming-off surgeries. He had a top NFL Draft Pick on the OL here all Spring and basically wasted his talent all Spring too.


I hold little hope Kirby will throw the ball to JJ Holloman 2017 nor play his freshmen OL playing LOSERS who have proven they CAN NOT GET THE JOB DONE instead.


Kirby can NOT be held accountable all of 2017 too according to Kincaid on ANY of this.


You’ve got to be kidding me Kincaid.


My mother knows more about college football Georgia Bulldogs and Kirby than that Kincaid.   You are NOT QUALIFIED Kincaid to make that statement that no one can hold Kirby accountable at all for the entirety of 2017 for all these BLUNDERS by Kirby as coach not to mention his game skills substitution patterns time-outs adjustments in-game and MOUNTING LOSSES.


Kirby has bungled his talent for all to see and seemingly the recruits too have noticed Kirby held back All-America Tight End Isaac Nauta until game 5 before Kirby FINALLY made him a Starter. Then the next 2 games no start for Isaac Nauta. Then 2 more games Isaac Nauta didn’t start. Frankly Kirby I would have thrown to Isaac Nauta on every down as the go-to receiver.

Even Buck Belue said to you Kincaid on 680TheFan AM that Kirby can not have another season like last year. He has 20 Starters who are gone from the team after 2017 and has one commitment for 2018 when even they can see Kirby is DESPERATE. Coaches’ Hot Seat.com has Kirby ranked # 31 on their hot seat just outside the hottest of their hot seats. His boss who hired him is going to be fired when this is his only hire of note firing Mark Richt and giving us instead not a proven head coach not at Georgia but a career assistant who did not bother to show-up to this gig for 7 weeks and 4 days after Kirby told Greg McGarity it would be his dream to be our head coach.


Nick Saban taught Kirby nothing about holding a press conference nothing about Offenses nor picking his QB nor picking his RB nor picking his WR nor picking his OL nor picking his Offensive Coordinator and for good measure Nick Saban taught Kirby nothing and failed to prepare Kirby on special teams as well with no experience there EITHER for Kirby by Nick Saban.


Nick Saban recommended Kirby for this job knowing full-well Nick had NOT PREPARED Kirby for ANY of these glaring weaknesses Kirby in fact has.


I hoped Nick Saban had groomed Kirby to be a head coach.  Clearly he did NOT.  I listed Kirby as one of a list of candidates to replace Mark Richt who was NO BETTER a coach than Kirby.  No one else on my list 2 years ago was an unproven head coach except for Kirby.  I was misled.




I certainly listed a list of proven head coaches we should hire and included Kirby’s name too as a replacement for Mark Richt on this blog all of 2014 and 2015.  I noted he was the ONLY replacement on the list WITHOUT proven head coach status.


Kincaid Kirby is NOT READY to be a head coach not at Georgia.


When will he be ?


Who is going to teach Kirby ALL THESE SKILLS he clearly and obviously lacks Kincaid ?


From January 12th until September 15 Kirby only practiced Greyson Lambert with all of the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.


Kirby gave Nick Chubb 32 carries for 227 yards in game 1 after 3 ligaments surgery and Nick Chubb has never been the same thereafter Kincaid.  According to you and according to Kirby that is NOT Kirby’s fault either.  Yet on this blog I called for Brian Herrien to be named the Starter at TB July 4th.  Look it up.


Kirby never recruited top-flight receivers nor chose of those he did have a pitch-and-catch combo for this ultra-talented team we handed to Kirby.  A team who SHOULD NOT HAVE LOST TO VANDIE.


Unacceptable Kincaid.  This is UNACCEPTABLE for Kirby to show-up here and have all these flaws which are not going to go away with your throw-away 2017 season too.


Greg McGarity will NEVER suffer through 2017 with you giving Kirby the year off I can assure you of that Kincaid.


Read any blog.


Study any Poll.


Read ANY national press.


Kirby has to do FAR BETTER than he has to-date in 2017 because 2018 is assured of being WAY WORSE than 2017 given he LOSES all his players after 2017.  All his starters leave after 2017 Kincaid and you want to give Kirby 2017 the year off.


My God Kincaid.


Kirby gave his top 3 OL signees 2016 Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley 1 snap combined when Kirby’s OL was so obviously tired and ineffective and could and should have used their help instead.


Now 2017 Kirby has all these OL from last year and all these from 2017 recruiting both classes top-notch nationally and yet Kirby says he is standing-pat and is starting a group of LOSERS who have proven they can NOT get the job done because they are ALL too small.


Even the players held a PLAYERS-ONLY meeting 2016 BEFORE the Florida debacle. The players ALL told Kirby that Kirby was NOT EVEN ALLOWED IN HIS OWN LOCKER ROOM.


Kirby has no clue of Offensive Game Strategies and insists fewer bad situations occur when you run the ball with NO OL and with a poor play-caller against teams stacking 8 and 9 in the box all season. Stubbornly Kirby still ran the ball.


Listen to him this year Kincaid. Kirby is going to do the same again.


Yet with all these resources at The University of Georgia and offer to pay him $ 5 million 300 thousand dollars 2017 I can have NO EXPECTATIONS OF KIRBY.


He is safe no matter what happens 2017 Kincaid puts forth like a neophyte speaking not only to me but FOR ME.


And for Buck Belue.


No Kirby is safe. No matter what happens Kirby gets a throw-away year 2017 too.


I don’t think so Kincaid.


We have NO EXPECTATIONS as a program Kincaid and you are contributing to that Kincaid.


Have some BALLS Kincaid. Demand Kirby live-up to expectations 2017 Kincaid.




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