“Let us not be distracted by those who attempt to divide us.” UGA AD Greg McGarity 26 May 2017. . . . . . DISTRACTED ? . . . . . I thought I was TRYING to FOCUS us on how you are NOT HELPING our coaches KNOW or LEARN how to WIN.

We are singularly united on FIRING Greg McGarity and undoing the atrocious mess on-going at The University of Georgia.


We think we can MAINTAIN the puppet Mike Adam$ hired as our A.D. who does not even know what questions to ask a defensive-minded assistant coach to see if he can handle and is ready to be a HEAD COACH including being in charge of also the offense and our special teams.  Or how to conduct a press conference.


Our top 5 women’s basketball program all-time and our # 11 football program all-time both found start-up unprepared not groomed to be head coach coaches hired by Greg McGarity.


The very same clown who refuses to build us a new gym and instead wants to white wash the same tired old Stegasaurus so that he can sit on not only $ 100 million in cash but the on-going revenue stream every year too.


Our baseball team has not been able to recruit top players and Greg McGarity has no clue whom to hire who is a baseball man who can fix that either.


Gymnastics is a joke all of a sudden with him in charge too.


The football stadium once top 5 nationally has fallen in disrepair and seen smaller programs expand in size past us when that too brings in more revenue.


If you knew anything about business you would know that you SPEND money to MAKE money.


Instead we stay with the game in Florida every year and talk of our overall record against our # 1 Rival Florida instead of fixing that either.


An AD must be able at a FOOTBALL SCHOOL to sit down with the head football coach and give him direction help him in his weak areas.


Instead we send him right back to the next press meeting ill-prepared and ill-informed continuing his mismanagement too of ALL THESE RESOURCES at UGA.


And Jere Morehead is standing there doing nothing trying to hide.






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