Georgia is picked across-the-board by Las Vegas to beat Appalachian State University by 10 points double-digits at 6:15 p.m. Saturday night September 2 less than 100 days away now.

Appalachian State University 11-2 and 10-3 their most recent 2 years has a strong offense.  They return their starting QB for both the last 2 years who always completes 60 % of his passes.  He is from Calhoun Georgia less than an hour outside Atlanta toward Chattanooga.  And they return their starting running back too who averages over 6 yards per rush.  Their running back from North Carolina had 1402 yards rushing last year.

Appalachian State University as a proven winner will put Kirby to the test.

Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game last year 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.  Kirby’s offense and his special teams will have to show-up September 2nd primed and ready as there are stumbling blocks for Kirby EVERY game if they do not again 2017 as they certainly did not 2016.  You recall Appalachian State University is the team who shocked the world when they won in their opening game over Michigan in the Big House in Ann Arbor Michigan.  I certainly do.  They certainly are looking to ruin the game 2 for Kirby at Notre Dame.

We were still fooling-around with both offense and special teams once the season started last year.  We were not a well-oiled machine on neither our offense nor on special teams at any time last year as a direct result.  And we never got settled-in on either offense or special teams as a direct result thereof as well.

Notre Dame is also picked by Las Vegas to win their game at 3:30 p.m. by 10 points against far-easier Temple.  Temple lost their last game to 7-6 Wake Forest. Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.

Only 7 teams in the nation have better odds to win 2017 than Kirby according to Las Vegas.

Only 4 teams have a more talented roster than Kirby has for 2017.

There is high expectation for Kirby 2017.

Greg McGarity got testy yesterday when I wrote that he would not suffer through 2017 if Kirby does not live-up to his expectation and AT LEAST get to Atlanta.

If Kirby wins The SEC East 2017 then that means Kirby will be assured of a 14-game season 2017 while the top 2 teams 2017 will play a 15-game schedule.  LSU and Alabama are both ranked at the very top of every poll and both have better talent on-hand than Kirby and the 4th team with more talent than Kirby 2017 is Southern California.  Other teams like FSU Ohio State and Oklahoma figure to do well and so does Wisconsin since they play a soft schedule.

Kirby is supposed to be right in the thick of this 2017 because while he plays a 14-game schedule he will not play a very tippy-top team until The SEC Championship Game.

If Florida or vols win The SEC East they will have done it with less talent than Kirby and that means Florida and/or vols most likely beat Kirby again.   They both beat Kirby last year.   They both lost a lot more talent after last year than Kirby did.  And if Kirby does not get to Atlanta this 2017 season then Greg McGarity will be fired.  There is no question of that.

There are now 97 days for us to get ready and get settled-in on offense and special teams with it now less than 100 days until kick-off against a lot better team than Notre Dame faces in their opening game.




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