“I think Jacob Eason is a pretty average quarterback. I really don’t know how much he likes football. It’s hard to dispute his talent. And he can make every throw. But when you watch him he’s not consistent at all. He’s as physically gifted as anybody around but he doesn’t scare you.” This quote from Saturday Down South retyping Athlon Sports SEC magazine just released who quotes an anonymous SEC coach. A second anonymous SEC coach really did not say anything about Jacob Eason whom SDS quotes another SEC coach from Lindy’s Sports SEC magazine just out. Neither Athlon nor Lindy’s has these quotes in their main national pre-season magazine now that those are all on supermarket shelves or call up and have mailed to you. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY !

2 days after this Saturday Down South article now today Brandon Adams AJ-C Dawgnation does a podcast multiple SEC coaches put-down Jacob Eason.




It’s just one anonymous SEC coach who puts-down Jacob Eason and he said that he does not know how much Jacob Eason likes football that it’s hard to dispute his talent and that he can make every throw.  But that “when you watch him – he’s not consistent at all. He’s as physically gifted as anybody around – but he doesn’t scare you.”


Yes indeed that was a sorry offense 2016 what with no offensive line, no receivers except those who dropped the ball, 2 injured tailbacks and an offensive play-caller from hell for a defensive-minded head coach who refused to even let Jacob Eason prepare with the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit until AFTER the season was already underway – then decided that well I have to START Jacob Eason ANYWAY.


In view of the fact that ALL Kirby has done is to CRITICIZE Jacob Eason I find this revelation not surprising at all.




Happy Memorial Day.  My Dad a Major in the United States Marine Corps fought in World War II and was golden gloves an orphan from Georgia whom the USMC gave his education playing on the basketball team and decoding secret documents then graduating Valedictorian. Were it not for the USMC Dad would never have gotten a college degree and so Dad Juris Doctor made sure all 7 of us in the family did earn our college degree.

When World War II broke-out Dad had already joined the USMC and had been raising his 5 brothers as the eldest son when their model T turned-over.

Dad left the farm went to town and took a job bagging groceries telling the manager that he did not want pay only to feed his brothers so please give him whatever food he could for the 5 brothers left on the farm by themselves until years later someone found them alone Dad taking care of them.  There are several books about it.

Memorial Day is observed the last Monday in May each year starting after the War of Northern Aggression in which 600 thousand soldiers died.  2 years after The South began the tradition the North copied us celebrating Memorial Day in 1868 which marks the beginning of the Summer Vacation Season which ends with Labor Day which is the first Monday in September.






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