Seeing how dynamic the college QB can be to the overall success of the team and seeing how Kirby still was practicing Greyson Lambert Tuesday September 6 as the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit Jacob Eason himself has predicted today to Jake Rowe that his wide receivers and he are having a break-out year this year 2017 this Spring : “Honestly I think a lot of our receivers are going to have break-out years 2017. All of our receivers can catch the ball and run fast and are buying in so I’m excited to see them have break-out years 2017. Our Defense is on top of that list to have break-out years too.”

Of course Jake Rowe says : “Seeing as how”



This is refreshing to actually have someone ANYONE other than Kirby actually allowed to speak to the damn press. Kirby is obviously VERY poor appearing defensive talking to the press every single time he replies to them. Having Jacob Eason actually explain his position about this bullshit that Jacob Eason is an average quarterback who is inconsistent and does not even like the game of football is a huge advantage for the face of our team.


Someone ANYONE needs to help Kirby when the press asks him questions.


Jacob Eason has gone a long way in answering the questions of yesterday today for all The Bulldog Nation.


Expect Jacob Eason to speak-up and CONTRADICT Kirby to the press explaining how he and his team will respond to the notion that Kirby MUST GET TO ATLANTA and thus have a 14-game season 2017.




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