KIRBY SMART to Seth Emerson just now : “Year 1 was disappointing. Any time you finish 8-5 it’s a disappointment at the University of Georgia. This is certainly not the standard that I expect to keep.”

I seriously do not see blogs supporting our Bulldogs such as this blog does making THIS STATEMENT that Kirby makes today to Seth Emerson. This blog most assuredly takes this EXACT take on 2016.

Disappointing.  And not the standard I find ACCEPTABLE.  And NOT what we brought Kirby here for.  Note if you will that Kirby DOES NOT MAKE EXCUSES !


Our blogs have been chalk-full of EXCUSES.


There are none.  We LOST to losing record Vandie for God’s sake whom 3 CUPCAKES beat.


And THIS BLOG has detailed the ERRORS blunders year one which can NOT be repeated 2017.  You are not going to improve any program by burying your head in the sand and ignoring the obvious.  And to a LARGE EXTENT this is the MESSAGE Kirby has heard from ME from Buck Belue from right-minded fans of which there are MANY and from the national press.  It is ALSO what Kirby is hearing from 2018 recruits isn’t it ?


Kirby HAD to make this STATEMENT.  There is no 24-hour rule to where we are as a program.  We’ve averaged as a program now for 9 years more than 4 losses a season.


2017 is full of promise.


2017 finds us with only 4 other teams with more talent than Kirby.  We have a # 36 strength of schedule.  We should be AT LEAST 10-4 meaning Kirby MADE IT to Atlanta thus has a 14-game season 2017.  2017 will be followed by Kirby having the MOST NFL Draft Picks in the nation of ANY TEAM any league.  The time to hit the iron is NOW while it is HOT.




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