My PREDICTIONS for 2017 are that if Kirby is not AT LEAST 10-4 Greg McGarity will not face 2018 which will be a DOWN YEAR for Kirby compared to 2017 because of losses by Kirby after 2017 of 20 STARTERS. I also predict this is Kirby’s BEST CHANCE for The SEC Championship we are # 3 all-time in SEC Championships with 12 only one behind vols and are in our 3rd longest stretch EVER of NOT winning The SEC Championship in FOOTBALL 2005 being our “latest SEC Championship” so a dozen years if Kirby does not HIS ONE CHANCE so far 2017. Note please that in 2005 Mark Richt was # 3 of SEC teams in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY poll : AP Coaches every OTHER poll. Note while EVERYONE is saying 10-2 some cop-out I say Kirby MUST be in Atlanta at least making this a 14-game season. I am predicting that Kirby SHOULD be in TWO (2) Bowl Games 2017 season but that he will ONLY MAKE 1 because of his blunders too obvious and continuing 2017 so far such as OL starters he named so far such as where he named JJ Holloman and brother are in being PLAYED as well and such as Kirby’s ongoing criticism of ALL of his players with tough love which did NOT work for Rodney Garner in his career either. But he should be in 2 bowl games 2017 season because only 4 teams have more talent 2017 than Kirby and because Kirby faces only # 36 Strength of Schedule. FURTHER I predict Kirby loses 20 STARTERS after 2017 and has therefore the # 1 number of NFL Draft Picks NATIONALLY after 2017 in 2018 NFL Draft. So while 10-4 is MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE for Kirby 2017 I am predicting 12-2 because I have EXPECTATIONS and frankly want us to be 13-2.

You’ll are pussies to say 10-2 in what YOU SAY is a year Kirby MUST get to Atlanta and thus plays 14-game schedule 2017 season.  I therefore predict 10-4 minimum acceptable in what I see as Kirby’s LONE CHANCE to win The SEC Championship so far and for YEARS to come and PREDICT SEC Championship for Kirby YEAR TWO 2017 season.


Don’t TALK about 12-game record as a some cop-out prediction by you when YOU SAY Kirby MUST make Atlanta 2017 with all this talent.  It is UNACCEPTABLE to NOT so quit cease and desist with bullshit about 10-2.  Give us your 14-game prediction.  You know ?  What Kirby SHOULD do or WILL DO or what your EXPECTATIONS for the 2017 SEASON are for Kirby ?  There is NO cop-out you do NOT know who opponent is.  With THIS TALENT Kirby MUST be there and SHOULD WIN with his schedule and if he does not you are giving-in to his WEAKNESSES on offense and special teams coaching and coaching decisions along with his weak press conferences to make excuses for YOU not predicting SEC Championship Kirby 2017.


And WORSE YET is your crap that Kirby is still a year away.


Like Kirby CAN AFFORD yet ANOTHER throw-away year 2017 like he scuttled 2016 on purpose our players to NEVER get that year back.


Or me.


And if Kirby does NOT win SEC Championship 2017 do NOT expect ME to come back NEXT YEAR and predict he will then.  You are so FULL OF SHIT.


Alabama’s QB is NOT Jacob Eason.  LSU plays too tough a schedule.  Auburn proved one player can make a difference with Cam Newton but that was Mark Richt’s blunder for telling him he ONLY could play Tight End here at UGA for him.  Cam Newton from Atlanta.  Mark Richt told Cam Newton he ALREADY had little Aaron Murray and that Cam Newton could ONLY play tight end for Mark Richt 2010 season because Mark Richt was committed to playing ONLY little Aaron Murray whom I said AT THE TIME would NEVER throw a pass in the NFL and HAS NOT as I guaranteed he would NOT.  In fact I called pre-game for Zach Mettenberger to START against Okie State out there in Stillwater not Joe Cox who went 8-5 our 2009 season with chronic shoulder and flu Okie State game.  Mark Richt WAS A FOOL.  I said so daily and you HATED ME for it.  Then I was proven correct and you REFUSE to admit that either.  I link your URL link blog and you do NOT mine because you’re pussies and I am NOT.  If I were wrong on Aaron Murray you would have TOLD ME SO as you would have on my guarantee as well about Mark Richt HAVING to be fired for what he DID NOT DO after 2007.


So now you RUN and HIDE and hope no one remembers.


Stick THIS up your assholes pussies the lot of you.


SEC Championship Kirby 2017 season.


This time LAST YEAR 2016 you were telling ME Greyson Lambert had to START not Jacob Eason.  Pussies.


My PREDICTIONS have been proven CORRECT and yours all freaking God Damn WET !


Haven’t they ?


Mark Richt pulled the SAME with Deshaun Watson not even OFFERING A SCHOLARSHIP to Deshaun Watson 39 miles away in Gainesville until AFTER everyone else ALREADY LONG-SINCE had.


I am going with 12-2 or EVEN 13-2 and PUT US in the damn PLAY-OFFS Kirby.


GATA and get with it Kirby.  THIS is your BEST CHANCE 2017.  You can NOT be a year away.  NOT.


You want a SUMMARY of my PREDICTIONS 2017 for Kirby ?

(1) 12-2 or EVEN 13-2

(2) SEC Championship.  It will be YEARS before Kirby has a team this good after 2017.

(3) Of all teams all conferences # 1 most NFL Draft Picks for Kirby after 2017

(4) Kirby loses 20 STARTERS after 2017 season

(5) 10-4 is minimum acceptable season 2017 for Kirby and if not I call for his head

(6) Did you GET THAT ONE KIRBY ?  Also Kirby Greg McGarity WILL BE INSTANTLY fired if not 10-4

(7) I am NOT waiting for 2018 which I know to be DOWN compared to 2017 to MAKE Kirby win or leave

(8) Personally I ran Mark Richt OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL.  Me.  Little ole ME.  And you know it

(9) You HATED it that I was WRONG you said that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED.  Now you have nothing but silence from you on topic other than you say Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.  Typical pussies

(10) I like Alabama’s QB but he can NOT pass the ball downfield and LOST because of it Jacob Eason can

(11) Jacob Eason is SEC 1st Team All-SEC QB 2017

(12) LSU will LOSE GAMES too many 2017

(13) Auburn will NOT repeat Cam Newton with their latest one-man team QB 2017 not happening twice

(14) Kirby’s LONE CHANCE for The SEC Championship is 2017 NOT 2018 DOWN by comparison

(15) Do NOT say AGAIN Kirby is a year away.  It will be YEARS before Kirby gets back to 2017 level

(16) Kirby SHOULD get two (2) bowl games for UGA 2017 season and will get one

(17) THIS is because the two dozen biggest blunders of 2016 are NOT GOING AWAY OVERNIGHT 2017 with NO ONE to teach Kirby offenses and special teams

(18) I predict and GUARANTEE that OUR BLOGS will wimp-out as pussies and NOT predict SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 and will NOT hold Kirby accountable for his BLUNDERS even though he himself said that they are UNACCEPTABLE going 8-5 because of his BLUNDERS across the board all of 2016 and our blogs will be SATISFIED with some low-level tier bowl game AGAIN and NEVER shall our blogs ADMIT we are more than 4 losses a year after 2007 a span of nine (9) years now 2017.  We have NO EXPECTATIONS as a program and it is the FAULT of the fan base The Georgia Bulldog Nation and MOST EXPECIALLY the BLOGS you allow to be where you get your “NEWS” from – pussies with NO EXPECTATIONS and utter complete inability to say more than 4 losses a year for 9 years is UNACCEPTABLE saying instead anyone admitting that is NOT a Bulldog.  Yeah I am.  You’re NOT but one of those pussies for NOT saying it and DEMANDING MORE.



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