Alex Scarborough ESPN : “Sophomore Jacob Eason has first-round talent at Georgia. If Jalen Hurts Jacob Eason and Co. don’t live up to expectations it won’t just be on them. It will reflect poorly on the league and its coaches for not developing them as well. With Smart so early in his career as a head coach Kirby needs Jacob Eason to live up to his potential. Retaining offensive coordinator Jim Chaney after a disappointing first season was a move toward continuity for a young quarterback but it wasn’t without its risks. They’ll either get Jacob Eason where he needs to go or not. Either coaches and players get the job done this year or the SEC will see its label of a mediocre quarterback league go from a flimsy label to being etched in stone.”


You can not argue that analysis.  I will tell you who else can not afford to have Jacob Eason not ever get settled-in year two and that is Jim Chaney.  His career is on the line.  And with it Kirby’s long-term evaluation of his new title of head coach anywhere ever again as well.


Indeed Kirby can not point to Jacob Eason and say it is HIS FAULT when Kirby refused to let him practice with the # 1 unit then threw him into the fire anyway.

Then Kirby sent-out wide receiver after wide receiver after wide receiver having no idea who his wide receiver was either.  It was like well I don’t have to have any semblance of a passing game and will do great.


Then last week Kirby ADMITTED : “Year 1 was disappointing. Any time you finish 8-5 it’s a disappointment at the University of Georgia. This is certainly not the standard that I expect to keep.”


More than anything it was having NO CLUE whom his pitch-and-catch combo was last year and frankly he is making all the same noises this year too.

How in the Hell can you play FOOTBALL in 2016 and not have any concept of what you want to do passing the ball or even whom it is you need to rely upon to do well ?


That Kirby stood-pat with Jim Chaney indeed is not without its risks but it does tend to indicate that Kirby indeed felt as well that he Kirby held-back Jim Chaney year one too.


Upon reflection that it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT the entire year perhaps Kirby sees now that he can NOT simply rely upon his Defense and forcing the issue with a run on nearly EVERY first down all season long even into the teeth of 9 and 10 in the box against his extremely poor – God Awful – offensive game strategies.


8-5 ?


This is EXACTLY that which Kirby SHOULD have expected with THAT as his Offensive Game Strategy trying to run every first down into the VERY TEETH of EVERY defense lined-up to stop the run loading the box every game behind a small ineffective offensive line throwing to receivers who ONLY dropped the ball other than to Isaac Nauta who likewise was an AFTERTHOUGHT to Kirby.





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