# 1 Draft Pick overall would be 5th for Georgia Bulldogs all-time 1st Pick NFL Draft 1st Round JACOB EASON according to www.WalterFootball.com 2019 NFL Draft not after this season but after the season AFTER this season : “Jacob Eason exploded on the season for Georgia, throwing 16 touchdowns compared to eight interceptions as a freshman in the SEC. Eason still needs to work on his accuracy, but he’s young enough to make vast improvements in the near future.” 6 June 2017

I would NOT say that Jacob Eason “EXPLODED on the scene 2016” what with Kirby saying daily for the entire season that Jacob Eason SUCKED but as well I had predicted Jacob Eason would in fact be our 5th # 1 NFL Draft Pick 1st Round 1st Pick all-time.  Then Kirby REFUSED categorically to allow Jacob Eason ANY snaps with the # 1 unit and in fact even after game 1 last season in which Jacob Eason came in and BAILED-OUT Greyson Lambert taking us from double-digits DOWN LOSING in his win over North Carolina Jacob Eason was STILL NOT GETTING the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit that following Monday even last year.


Then there was the bullshit of running on every 1st down all season long even into 8 9 and 10 men fronts.


Then there was the lack of recruiting a top wide receiver – now for two years in a row for this man MANY think has the potential to be still the # 1 Pick in the 1st Round not after this season but after next year.


Then there was the willy-nilly method of Kirby sending out wide receivers.


But still # 1 pick overall NFL Draft after not this season but after the season after this up-coming season for Jacob Eason.


Then there is the BULLSHIT from Kirby and from MANY approved blogs that Jake Fromm will be our Starter 2017 season because of what I have touted as Jake Fromm’s accuracy since a kid I have stated on my blog here.


I’ve stated every day from the beginning of the Jake and Jake Show that Jake Fromm should be used like Hutson Mason 2012 and NOT PLAYED instead redshirted but practiced as if he is the back-up in case of injury.


Hutson Mason would’ve only played 2012 if Aaron Murray went down which he did in 2014.


Well accuracy has to do with the damn ball being CAUGHT.


If you hit the receiver and he DROPS it as not only Isaiah McKenzie did all year but all the others as well then your accuracy rating is NOT going to be good.


JJ Holloman flashed signs of BRILLANCE at receiver 2017 but finds himself BURIED behind ALL THOSE who dropped the freaking ball last year.


And some of them who have done so EVERY YEAR HERE.


The NFL selects the QB who CAN MAKE the throws and who DOES NOT throw interceptions.


So yeah Jacob Eason is a TOP PICK still DESPITE Kirby.


Despite Jim Chaney.


Despite the little itty-bitty OL Kirby gives Sam Pittman to START again 2017 too.


All these OL recruited last year and this year and now for 2018 too and Kirby DOES NOT consider starting them.


Kirby is a POOR JUDGE of offensive and special team talent.


Recruits well but THEN does NOT play them.


And criticizes them DAILY in EVERY PRESS conference.


I knew you knew I would say this : So I have.







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