Gridiron Chadd Scott whose wife is FL grad and who himself is Auburn grad states CHUCK OLIVER told him none of our 2016 players play for Alabama and one Isaac Nauta of 2017 UGA players would start for Alabama to piss-off everyone in The Whole Entire Bulldog Nation.

The cheesy post is a 3-part designed to get 2 more CLICKS to read – 2 ads to a loan company.


Yes we misused our 2016 talent and will again 2017 as all indications show Kirby will hold-back his big OL and start little guys 2017 instead.  Small OL guys who did not get the job done last year or the year before will start for KIRBY 2017.


Chadd Scott then summarizes that Chadd Scott thinks Kirby will close the talent gap with Alabama in 2018 or 2019 despite Kirby losing 20 of his STARTERS 2017 after the 2017 season.


Kirby will NOT close the talent gap with Alabama 2018.  It’s 2017 when Kirby can GET IT DONE – not for God’s sake WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR as per Chadd Scott Gridiron


I still state that Nick Saban given injuries to both Sony Michel and to Nick Chubb 2016 would’ve started Brian Herrien at Tailback for UGA 2016 were he here.


And he would’ve prepared Jacob Eason as he did Jalen Hurts unlike the manner Kirby held-back Jacob Eason not preparing him then throwing him into the fire.


And there is NO WAY Nick Saban plays THAT OL 2016 Kirby sent out there but his freshmen OL instead.


In fact I believe that Mo Smith was destined to start at Alabama 2016.  He would’ve made plays against Deshaun Watson and so would’ve Dominick Sanders.


Kirby has tons of players who with proper assessment could’ve started at Alabama 2016 and even more now for 2017.


Lorenzo Carter.

Michail Carter.

Ben Cleveland.

Brian Herrien.

Jacob Eason.

Deangelo Gibbs.

Mecole Hardman Junior.

D’Marcus Hayes.

Jeremiah Holloman

Jonathan Ledbetter

David Marshall

Sony Michel at WR

Natrez Patrick

Isaac Nauta

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Roquan Smith

Trenton Thompson

D’Andre Swift

Richard LeCounte

Isaiah Wilson

Netori Johnson

Nate McBride

Walter Grant

Robert Beal

Jake Fromm


No the problem is for Chadd Scott that Kirby has MORE players who would start at Florida and at Auburn than they do because Kirby has MORE TALENT than BOTH 2017 and EVERYONE SAYS Kirby plays Alabama 2017 in The SEC Championship Game BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS TALENT.


Chuck Oliver another disgruntled Auburn grad knows that THEY do NOT have UGA’s talent today just as Chadd Scott is afraid of too. Chuck and Chernoff AM 680 the Fan.  Frick and Frack both afraid of how good Georgia is 2017.


2018 ?


Typical Auburn fan trying to get Bulldogs to think about 2018 or 2019 when 2017 we are a handful for Auburn for Florida and yes for Alabama – much more so than we will be in 2018 losing 20 I figure STARTERS for Kirby 2017 after this up-coming stellar 2017 season.


Or at least Kirby had better hope it is.


Jim Donnan bragged how good his talent was as Kirby just did yesterday for 2017 and when he did not deliver Mike Adam$ ran him out of town to the chagrin of Vince Dooley.


Yeah we’re good 2017 Kirby with all this talent now the question is will you PLAY THE TALENT such as on your OL for Sam Pittman 2017 Kirby ?  Will you come-up with some SEMBLANCE of an offensive game strategy 2017 Kirby or tell Jim Chaney run every first down all season long again ?  And will you FIND a pitch-and-catch combo for your three (3) quarterbacks 2017 Kirby or send out WR after WR like you have no clue who can catch a pass Kirby ?


In the meantime Kirby’s foibles as COACH will be the ONLY HOPE for Auburn grads for he most certainly has MORE TALENT than Auburn Florida vols and maybe is closer to Alabama 2017 than we will be here at Georgia for a LONG TIME hence 2017.


2018 ?


Have you EVEN looked who Kirby loses after 2017 Chuck Oliver or Chad Scott or for that matter Kincaid EITHER ?


All but Buck Belue AM680 the Fan has missed that THIS is Kirby’s BEST SHOT 2017 and he had BETTER deliver.