“Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.” Really ? Last year is over ? I am sorry but what I saw last year is what I expect to see this year. I hardly think anything indicates that last year was any fluke.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Jacob Eason did not get any reps with the # 1 unit until 2 weeks before kick0ff game to the season and then was thrown into the fire anyway without the experience he should have gotten given that he started all season after winning game 1 coming-in down losing and leaving the game with a lead coming from behind against a quality opponent.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Isaac Nauta did not start until game 5 then next 2 games not starting again and again then finishing All-America anyway.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Ben Cleveland was redshirted whilst smaller OL who did not get the job done was all Kirby sent out there to do the dirty work of establishing the run given that Kirby said that was what he was going to do then did every first down run the ball.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Kirby was going to redshirt Mecole Hardman Jr. then relented when Mecole himself went to Kirby and had a come to Jesus meeting only to get all of one touch all season long.

To the contrary the special teams were atrocious as if Kirby never had ever been given responsibility anywhere for special teams to prepare him to be head coach.

To the contrary the offense was abysmal running nearly every first down all year long in the face of 8 and 9 in the box against Kirby’s stated facts that “fewer bad results happen when you run the football.”

To the contrary Jim Chaney is right back in the saddle as if Kirby is satisfied with what he saw.

To the contrary Kirby struggled against all the really poor football teams and even lost to losing record Vandie who lost to 3 cupcakes but not to Kirby.

To the contrary we averaged the # 7 recruiting class for our 2016 roster and the # 6 recruiting class on this year’s 2017 roster and ended-up not ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 for the 5th time in the last 9 years more than half the time after 2007.

To the contrary Kirby stubbornly dogmatically played only injured Nick Chubb and injured Sony Michel at TB behind his lousy stinking choices of small OL with 3 top big OL he recruited all redshirted except one snap between his 3 top OL recruits of 2016 and Kirby never even considered starting Brian Herrien as this blog called for July 4.

To the contrary Kirby gave Nick Chubb 32 carries his first game back after 3 ligament surgery and he was never the same thereafter.

To the contrary Kirby said and knew he needed to recruit receivers and did not 2016 or 2017 really either and now has none for 2018 either.

To the contrary Kirby has not yet figured-out how to run his first press conference without contention yet and this is year two now.

To the contrary Kirby has sent-out willy-nilly 5 receiver sets with no sense of urgency even yet to find his one pitch-and-catch combo.  We saw JJ Holloway steal the show in the G-Day Game and he too is buried on the roster and may or may not get to play some by say game 5 right ?

To the contrary not just Ben Cleveland but Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley were not used to rest the tired little OL Kirby stubbornly insisted on playing every down of every game looking like shit.  Now 2017 he bragged all off-season how the same back-ups to those guys more small guys dominated his defense he bragged to us.  What we all witnessed with our own eyes was the offensive line looks as lost 2017 as it did 2016.

To the contrary Seth Emerson sir I see nothing to indicate Kirby will start his freshmen OL he is stockpiling but instead use small itty-bitty guys on the OL again like he did last year and seemed satisfied with that too.  I mean it was a throw-away year 2016 so why can’t 2017 be a throw-away year too despite the facts that Kirby probably loses 20 guys who have started here at Georgia after this season and ends-up with the most players drafted by the NFL of all teams in the nation after this 2017 season which had better damn well be SEC Championship with all this talent wasted as Kirby did last year and is so far again 2017.


AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson  :  “Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.”





To the contrary No Seth Emerson sir last year is hardly over and it isn’t going to be changed in 2017 either.  Kirby will continue to do what he does.  What he did.  What he has done.  What he will continue to do.  I see nothing to indicate there is any sense of urgency on Kirby’s part for 2017 any more than there was for 2016.


To the contrary Seth Emerson after the NFL Draft after this 2017 season this season will be over for Kirby and you will be scratching your head why in his 14-game season 2017 with the # 36 strength of schedule with only 4 teams more talented than Kirby that he lost 4 games again.  I won’t.  What I see is what I saw and is what I expect.


To the contrary I have a sense of urgency to 2017 for SEC Championship now 2017 with all this talent and insist we send that message to Kirby.  Produce or move on.  Learn offenses and special teams on your own time.  Play the recruits you recruit not just recruit them and redshirt them.


I hear that all the time Seth Emerson that the past is the past.  The past is who you are.  Fix it if it needs fixing and quit cease and desist with the bullshit that that is history now.  No it’s not.  You never fixed any of this.


So the past is who you are and who you will continue to be.


You had better get with the program GATA and win now Kirby 2017.





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