Louisville is # 168 of top colleges U.S. News and World Report. Louisville AGREED with the NCAA that during a 4-year period Louisville repeatedly provided striptease and sex acts for hire and Louisville offered-up on its own to REDUCE SCHOLARSHIPS and post-season ban. Louisville further AGREES with the 4-year NCAA Probation of Louisville. Louisville states that Minardi Hall is their basketball dorm where seven (7) seventeen (17) year-old minors were provided on their scholarship recruiting visits escorts who performed these sex and striptease acts but that Rick Pitino knew nothing about any of it. Rick Pitino also states that he put his coaching staff in responsibility for what happened at Minardi Hall but the Rick Pitino coaching staff states that they were TOTALLY UNAWARE that they were in charge of Minardi Hall. The purpose of this over the 4 years was to gain a competitive advantage in RECRUITING and Louisville won the NCAA national championship in 2013 as a result recording the most victories EVER in the entire Louisville history with 35 wins with these recruits. This recruiting advantage was successful for Rick Pitino. In addition to the 7 minors provided these sex acts for hire and striptease acts in their recruiting visits over 4 years four years another 2 coaches were as well who joined them on the visits and another friend was as well and in addition to ALL THAT 10 more either student-athletes or more recruits were as well who were not 17 or younger. Good control there and nice try Rick Pitino that you put your assistants in charge of that. You LOST CONTROL Rick Pitino. Clearly. Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities. ACC is disgraced in men’s basketball by the University of Louisville.

YOU are responsible for what goes on in YOUR PROGRAM Rick Pitino.  You might want to speak with your assistants about your public statement that THEY were put in charge of this by YOU because THEY state that that is the first THEY HEARD that they were put in charge of this by you.  You’re responsible Rick Pitino.  These excuses by you are reprehensible Rick Pitino.


YOU maintain COMPLETE CONTROL of your program as the head coach.  YOU are the general manager.  You are the CEO.  You are the team president.


Minardi Hall is NAMED for your family Rick Pitino so what do you mean you did not know what was going on there ?


Your football team is made-up at Louisville of our DISCARDED PLAYERS here at Georgia whom we KICKED-OFF the team here.  You have NO indoor practice facility but a joke of a partial one where you can only run through a couple of plays only and is not a complete football field even.


Louisville is # 168 in the latest U.S. News and World Report Rankings of top universities. It sucks.  You’re a joke of a college and always have been.  Now this.  And your reaction ?  We are KEEPING Rick Pitino AGAIN.  Look at your coaches.  Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino.  Good heavens.  You have NO CREDIBILITY Louisville. This is REALLY BAD for the ACC.


This covers the years of 2011 2012 2013 and 2014. Nine of the 2013 Louisville team 9 are listed on wiki with their own personal webpages for their basketball abilities. 9.


Rick Pitino is # 29 all-time of NCAA collegiate basketball head coaches in winning percentage.  He has a sordid history with the public.


Rick Pitino became head coach in 1975 at the University of Hawaii. That is 42 years ago.


As head coach at the University of Hawaii Rick Pitino committed eight (8) violations of NCAA rules for which the University of Hawaii was put on NCAA probation. The violations involving Pitino included providing round-trip air fare for a player between New York and Honolulu. And arranging for student-athletes to receive used cars in return for Hawaii season tickets. And handing out coupons to players for free restaurant food at McDonald’s. Rick Pitino was cited by the NCAA for providing misinformation to the NCAA and University of Hawaii officials. The NCAA infractions committee recommended that Rick Pitino be disassociated from Hawaii athletics. Rick Pitino – then as now – said : “I didn’t make any mistakes. I don’t care what anybody says.”


August 1 of 2003 at Louisville Rick Pitino ADMITTED he had sex at a restaurant called Porcini with the wife of his Louisville equipment manager.  Rick Pitino also admits that he paid $3000 three thousand dollars for the abortion. “The complete sex took no more than 15 seconds” according to Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino called a press conference and stated that the press “stop reporting these lies.” Rick Pitino made a statement that he apologized for THIS indiscretion. Louisville kept him on anyway. The University of Georgia would have FIRED Rick Pitino after he apologized and stated “it took no more than 15 seconds.”


Once you apologized for your personal public indiscretion you called it Rick Pitino just what sir do you mean that the press ” stop reporting these lies ? “


Rick Pitino’s reputation is what it is. And his cover-up EXCUSES are legendary.





The ACC is taking it on the nose over this as is the University of Louisville who has NEVER had a good reputation as a university in the first place as these ON-GOING issues with Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino prove.  And you snatching-up our discarded kicked-off football players has NOT HELPED you EITHER.


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina

# 109 Oklahoma

# 115 Kansas

# 121 Arizona

# 123 Seton Hall

# 127 Colorado State University

# 129 LSU

# 130 Arkansas

# 131 Arizona State

# 135 Oregon State

# 140 Ole Miss

# 141 Rutgers

# 142 Washington State

# 145 Kansas State

# 149 Oklahoma State

# 161 Mississippi State

# 168 Louisville


Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities.